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Field is Dreams is a crap film, so is Withnail & I

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plastique Sun 11-Dec-16 18:35:48

I've pretended to like Field of Dreams for at least 10 years.. It's utter nonsense! Brought it up today with a mate.. Haha she hates Withnail & I but has always maintained she was a fan!!! If you understand where we're coming from. What film to you secretly hate that everyone else apparently loves ???

ghostyslovesheets Sun 11-Dec-16 18:36:57

Titanic - pile of shite - as if the death of hundreds of people isn't drama enough they have to have a fucking stupid love story

SorrelForbes Sun 11-Dec-16 18:37:05

Mrs Doubtfire. I've tried to watch it three times but just can't get past the first half an hour. It's just not funny.

Gingerbreath Sun 11-Dec-16 18:39:05

Mrs Brown's Boys. I'm sorry, I don't get itblush

FrostyLeaves Sun 11-Dec-16 18:39:14

Godfather 1.

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:39:16

Dirty dancing is

WeirdAndPissedOff Sun 11-Dec-16 18:39:25

Stand By Me.
Most of my family and friends think it's a great film - I don't disagree, but find it depressing.

plastique Sun 11-Dec-16 18:39:32

Agree with the loathing of both Titanic & Mrs Doubtfire!!

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:40:05

With you on that ginger!!
Sorrel - your mum!! wink

The80sweregreat Sun 11-Dec-16 18:40:12

I agree about Withnail. It became a cult and i didnt get it. It is dated now. The lack of cars on the road make me smile though..
I didnt like Hot Fuzz but pretended i did as my sons love Pegg and Frost films so much.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 11-Dec-16 18:40:43

I love Field of Dreams, I'm watching it now.

I don't pretend to like any films. If I don't like them, I just tune out. These would include pretty much any Amerrican Christmas films that are on nearly every channel at the moment.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 11-Dec-16 18:40:54

Blue Velvet? Yuk.

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:40:58

Withnail is GREAT!!! So many one liners lol

The80sweregreat Sun 11-Dec-16 18:41:48

I never liked any Robin Williams films.
Good morning vietnam is a couple of hours i wont get back. Mrs doubtfire is awful too.

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:42:15

Monty you terrible c**t!!
Bring me Cake and fine Wine
Soup ... I want soup!!!

SapphireStrange Sun 11-Dec-16 18:42:26

American Beauty
Twelve Years a Slave

All massively overrated. I'm sure I have more too.

I don't mind Field of Dreams and I will adore Withnail until my dying day.

plastique Sun 11-Dec-16 18:43:20

No I sat through Withnail & I with an exboyfriend about 20 times.. He loved it and constantly quoting those one liners!! Utter garbage sorry lol !!

MrsMeeseeks Sun 11-Dec-16 18:43:27

Mrs Doubtfire is one of the worst films I have ever seen. I'm sure it worked well as a book.

Loved Titanic, though!

Another popular film I really dislike is It's A Wonderful Life. Mawkish, depressing and overly long. Yes, it all turns out OK in the end but for me, it's too little payback for all the misery.

I don't like Withnail and I, either. I suspect I saw it too late in life: maybe you have to be a drunken, impoverished student to appreciate it.

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:43:39

Simon Pegg films make me

The80sweregreat Sun 11-Dec-16 18:43:48

12 years a slave went on for about 12 years..

Pilgit Sun 11-Dec-16 18:44:11

Films where there is a 'clever' twist - the usual suspects or the sixth sense spring to mind.

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:44:18

Actually I didn't really get a
Clockwork orange tbf

flumpybear Sun 11-Dec-16 18:45:10

Don't watch horrible
Films like 12 years a slave too likely to make me cry!!

Sybys Sun 11-Dec-16 18:45:47

Withnail and I is okay apart from that one character that turns up twice in their apartment and gives rambling monologues.

But the shocking thing in this thread is that someone secretly hates Mrs Brown's Boys...why keep that a secret?

The80sweregreat Sun 11-Dec-16 18:46:01

American beauty was panned by my friends but i liked it!

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