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AIBU this advert belongs in the 1950's

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Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 10:59:49

I just saw an advert on a bus promoting an online estate agent it went like this.....

Picture of army guy on one side and this was the wording next to the photo.

"I am Dave, a soldier from Manchester, but today I Am The Agent.
I sold my property online for just £399 and saved £3,650 in estate agency fees. So I am buying the missus a new kitchen!"

AIBU for thinking a 2016 internet based company might be better keep their adverts in the same century?

lastqueenofscotland Wed 07-Dec-16 11:01:21

I saw that recently too and cringed

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 07-Dec-16 11:03:11

Urgh. That's just so bloody depressing. Ooh the lucky 'missus'.

Hellmouth Wed 07-Dec-16 11:03:21


I personally would prefer a new computer over a new kitchen :D

DonaldStott Wed 07-Dec-16 11:03:29

Oh god. That's awful. I heard one on the radio the other day about getting 'the wife' a new carpet.

Like she was going to be the only one who walked on it.


StealthPolarBear Wed 07-Dec-16 11:09:36


xStefx Wed 07-Dec-16 11:12:17

Fuck you Dave, Fuck you! Totally belongs in the 1950's

Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 11:16:02

Hopefully her house will sell for more than £399 though grin

KayTee87 Wed 07-Dec-16 11:19:58

Oo lucky her hmm yanbu

However the amount of women that say things like this themselves astounds me.
One of my friends always puts things like 'bankofhubby' on facebook next to pictures of new purchases and it makes me want to puke. They both have similar wages too confused
My husbands aunt was talking about how she had convinced her husband 'to buy her a new kitchen for Christmas'

Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 11:25:31


You have to be kidding? Bankofhubby?

velourvoyageur Wed 07-Dec-16 11:28:28

Which estate agent was it OP, did you note the name?

We could send complaint emails perhaps?

MrsJayy Wed 07-Dec-16 11:29:06

You get women saying I would love. a kitchen aid mixer or a slow cooker I even saw someone saying they would love tea towels for Christmas on a thread tea towels jeez the advert is off though

RocketPockets Wed 07-Dec-16 11:30:33

I heard an advert on the radio a while ago that went something along the lines of the guy doing something because the wife got them in the 'situation' of having an unexpected baby hmm

KayTee87 Wed 07-Dec-16 11:32:11

I wish I was! And when it's something for the kids it's 'bank of daddy'

I would love a new kitchen but it wouldn't be a present from my husband it would be a joint household expense.

QuizteamBleakley Wed 07-Dec-16 11:32:52

Bloody hell! Is it this one?

Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 11:34:33


It is called "I am the agent"

Thefitfatty Wed 07-Dec-16 11:36:06

As much as I enjoy cooking and would love a new kitchen, I would not like it as a "present" from my "hubby". If I think OUR money might be well spent on a new kitchen, and DH agrees, than a new kitchen WE will get.

Jackiebrambles Wed 07-Dec-16 11:36:07

Bankofhubby makes me want to vomit.

Just how unenlightened? And they are raising girls too. I despair.

QuizteamBleakley Wed 07-Dec-16 11:37:38

I Am The Agent has a female MD.

PlumsGalore Wed 07-Dec-16 11:37:53

We should all make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. How much did this company pay a man from the advertising company to produce that I wonder?

dingdongthewitchishere Wed 07-Dec-16 11:38:45

I think people are completely missing the sarcasm here. grin

Anyway, the Scotland Gay Police Association is advising offended parties to complain to the Advertising Standard Authority. If you feel offended, feel free to complain.

MsVestibule Wed 07-Dec-16 11:38:54

My friend, who has a first in chemistry and used to have a well paid job (and is now a SAHM) told me 'You'll never guess what car DH has bought me!'.

I did want to say 'FFS, IT'S FAMILY MONEY!', but knew it would be lost on her 😕.

Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 11:39:18


Nothing wrong with wanting a mixer for Christmas, my Mr (what's the male version of missus?) loves cooking and might ask for equipment.
Not similar at all in my view.

PlumsGalore Wed 07-Dec-16 11:39:37

And don't forget he sold his house to buy his wife a kitchen.

Boudiccaiceni Wed 07-Dec-16 11:41:02


That is dreadful! Unexpected pregnancy was it the immaculate conception perhaps.

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