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Why so angry?

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GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:34:31

21 days till Christmas. Angry about the shitty made up traditions? Angry about people making donations in lieu of sending Christmas cards? Angry about the nativity? Angry about the MIL taking over, the stingy SIL, the narcissistic DM...?


Come join this thread and force yourself to write one post about the good things you cherish or enjoy or value over the Christmas period!

It might even feel good!

(And for the love of god, please don't mention Christmas Pyjamas in a hamper or Elf on the Shelf!) fgrin

SVJAA Sun 04-Dec-16 09:37:51

I enjoy seeing my kids get excited in the build up, I enjoy that it's still magical to them and our wee family traditions (no elf, they're terrified of him πŸ˜‚) and I'm looking forward to the end result of the mountains of baking I've committed myself to for school and nursery 😁

sparklefarts Sun 04-Dec-16 09:40:13

I enjoy the food!
Oh the fooooooooooddd cakewinechocolatefgrin

Why oh why don't I eat loads of sausages wrappped in bacon and stuffing every month?!?!!!? Roast potatoes nom nom nom

SVJAA Sun 04-Dec-16 09:41:31

Sparkle I hadn't even thought about the food! This is the first year we're not having family over (in the interests of me not losing my shit) and I'm really looking forward to a massive breakfast and a late, lovely Christmas dinner 😁

Boomerwang Sun 04-Dec-16 09:41:55

I love the anticipation. Love the street decorations and little festive events that go on in town around this time. I mainly just love that something different is happening for a change.

SallyGinnamon Sun 04-Dec-16 09:42:33

Yay! I love Christmas!
Lots of prezzies (given, not many received, but hay ho).
Having the whole family together DC, my parents and PIL. We know what we're going to eat a year in advance because we have the same every year.
Twinkling lights everywhere.
The smell of our real tree.
Everyone wearing Christmas headgear.
Now Christmas CD with Slade and the Fairytale of New York.
Still putting out mince pies and a carrot, and hanging up a stocking, even though DC are 17 and 13!

Most of all the lovely anticipation on Christmas Eve!

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Sun 04-Dec-16 09:42:45

Mmmmmm goose fat roast potatoes!

And dds face on christmas morning

And the roast potatoes

And the extra time with family

And the roast potatoes!

GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:43:17

in the interests of me not losing my shit third post SVJAA! Come on! fgrin

AnyFucker Sun 04-Dec-16 09:43:41

Time off work. The End.

SVJAA Sun 04-Dec-16 09:44:11

Haha, that was me being happy 😁 As in happy it's not happening this year πŸ˜‚

GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:44:41

Fairytale of New York. thank you! [bumbles off to YouTube... back in 5mins!]

Imnotaslimjim Sun 04-Dec-16 09:44:52

I love being invited to the MIL's every year, either Christmas day or Boxing day. This year, we're doing both. They enjoy a huge family Christmas and I've felt part of that family right from the start.

I love seeing my DC tear through their presents on Christmas morning then the big fry up DH cooks before we make the rounds visiting family before we go to MIL for Dinner.

How can anyone be angry at Christmas? I don't understand why people complain how others "do" Christmas, when they put their tree up etc. It doesn't affect anyone else so why get so het up?

Mishegoss Sun 04-Dec-16 09:45:31

The food, the kids being so excited, the food, the Christmas tv, presents, Carol services, my sons christmas play, the food, lights, grottos, the food and the booze.
I'm so excited I'm going to spontaneously combust.

ChuckGravestones Sun 04-Dec-16 09:48:20

Wood burner. On all day every day over the holidays. Use up some of the wood I've been preparing over the last 3 years and give me some space back at the allotment.

See, all good. Plus films, roast spuds, a well made [home made] robust chocolate torte, seeing the family on boxing day, the OH's yearly work cheese box which contains so much more than cheese, home made cinnamon biscuits, walks around the village in the freezing cold, pancakes for breakfast in my new crepe pan. The fun never ends.

LilyRose16 Sun 04-Dec-16 09:50:19

This will be my first Christmas as a mum and I've been really stressed out as I'm so unorganised... Not bothering with a Christmas tree this year as DD had started crawling so that's just a recipe for disaster!

Looking forward to going shopping tomorrow to buy some tabletop decorations which will be out of babies reach. Might feel more Christmassy then.

Christmas Day I'm looking forward to eating some nice food and quality time with just the 3 of us, with Miracle on 34th Street on in the background. No pressure of having visitors etc. Will be nice for a change!!

insancerre Sun 04-Dec-16 09:52:12

Christmas to me is time off work, eating and drinking and spending time with my family
So, that's 4 things
But, because of my job, I hate Christmas with a passion
I'm a nursery manager and I am stressed up to my eye balls organising a panto, a Christmas party, organising santa, organising a nativity, buying gifts for the children on no budget, organising secret santa, decorating the nursery as well as all the other million and one things that need my attention on a daily basis
I hate Christmas but need to full of goodwill and cheer for the children and the parents
That's better, I've said it now
If anyone is wondering what to get their nursery manager as a gift, then wine will do very nicely thank you cos I bloody well need it

GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:53:15

LilyRose16 flowers you can do this. You've got a good idea of it - take the time and rest... it's great fun when they are older but this year just enjoy the movie and your dp and dc.
I remember feeling a bit let down first mummy Xmas as I pictured it a certain way that didn't happen - you're doing it right! No expectations no disappointments. fgrin

GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:54:21

[Adds extra wine to shopping list for insancerre] wine

Oysterbabe Sun 04-Dec-16 09:55:52

Went to the German market yesterday and stopped at the bar and had a beer in the middle of town, in the middle of the day with the pram parked next to me and didn't feel judged.

StStrattersOfMN Sun 04-Dec-16 09:59:27

We used to put the Christmas tree in the playpen when the DDs were small. V useful trick if you have a puppy, too. Or need a peaceful hot coffee - sit in the playpen with it grin

Christmas = family. Both DDs back home, DH back here for as long as he can manage. Lots of FOOOOOD.

GravyAndShite Sun 04-Dec-16 09:59:31

I'm so excited I'm going to spontaneously combust.

This is such a good thread for me. I have my dh for another 24hours and then nothing until Xmas eve so I want to cultivate that build up and enjoy today as much as possible!

treaclesoda Sun 04-Dec-16 10:05:44

I quite like how Christmas looks. My living room looks pretty with the tree up. The cities and towns and villages look pretty with the Christmas trees up. That's nice.

NavyandWhite Sun 04-Dec-16 10:08:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Sun 04-Dec-16 10:10:19

DD home.
Listening to the Salvation Army playing carols in the street.
Fenwick's window.
Two weeks off work.
Drinking and eating chocolate being socially acceptable at 10 in the morning.

mousynon Sun 04-Dec-16 10:12:33

This year I am not going to stress about the mother in law taking over. In fact I have saved up everything for her to do whilst they are staying here over Christmas. I've made the cake but she can decorate it with the kids, I've bought the gingerbread house kit which she can decorate with the kids. Father-in-law is coming with me and picking the tree and then mother in law will decorate with the kids as well as putting out all other Christmassy decs. I've made mincemeat which m-i-l can make mince pies with kids. Are you getting the picture? I am reliquishing Christmas. Homemade Christmas decoration kits - m-i-l can do those with the kids. Hell, if she wants to take over in the kitchen again this year I am just going to bow out and get myself a port.

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