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To wonder why more people don't use cloth sanitary pads?

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Bex107 Sat 03-Dec-16 10:57:59

They have changed my life, and I'm so sad I didn't discover them sooner! When my periods came waltzing back just three months after DS arrived I couldn't bear the thought of tampons or plasticky towels, but I couldn't find anyone I knew who'd used cloth. They are bloody (!) wonderful, if you're considering it give them a go - I wish I'd had someone to tell me that!

2legit2knit Sat 03-Dec-16 11:00:32

Really? You wonder why people don't want to rinse out bloody pads when they can use disposable ones? hmm

Aeroflotgirl Sat 03-Dec-16 11:00:53

I am glad that it has worked for you, but not everybody might find them as good as you. I am not keen on the idea. Sounds very messy, and too much work. Like to whip off the pad and put it in the bin and that is that. What if you have very big leaky periods. They don't sound very absorbent.

PinkSwimGoggles Sat 03-Dec-16 11:01:10

because you can't just pick up a pack in the supermarket.
because they a squeamish about having to wash them.
because they are quite expensive, a whole set easily costs more than a year's worth of disposibles.

Soubriquet Sat 03-Dec-16 11:01:30

I'm considering them

Dh turned green when I told him and said it was gross to think about washing them with clothes. He's never normally bothered.

I told him to stop being stupid and as its me who's got to wear them, I get to say yes or no.

He soon shut up. Still haven't taken the plunge yet though

It's the initial £££ though I know it evens out in the long term

Cornettoninja Sat 03-Dec-16 11:02:03

I've seen them and always thought they looked really cosy. Never got round to purchasing though.

To be fair, before DD my periods resembled the hallway scene from the shining so I reckon I would've only dared to use them around the house. I've only had one since I had her and it was blessedly light, if (fingers crossed) they stay this way I might give them a go.

Sparklingbrook Sat 03-Dec-16 11:02:34

I prefer disposable ones and I like to feel secure IYKWIM. Maybe if I never left the house cloth ones might be ok.

Cornettoninja Sat 03-Dec-16 11:04:22

If you're heavy I don't understand the squeamishness of putting them in the wash? My period stained underwear, clothes, towels, bedclothes have regularly featured in the wash since I started - what else would I do with them hmm?

TwentyCups Sat 03-Dec-16 11:04:41

I agree. I thought the same as you 2legit2knit - it sounded like a messy hassle when I first looked at them.

However, I'm allergic to regular pads. When I had a coil fitted I was told no tampons for the first 21 days, so with no other option I bought a few cloth pads to see md through.

I've never gone back to tanpons, never will. I love cloth pads, they are so comfortable I honestly feel it's a treat to wear them, makes my period a nicer experience!
As for washing them, I just stick all mine in a make up bag and wash them all together at the end of the cycle, it's no trouble. I stick my pants in the same wash usually to make up a small load.

BlurryFace Sat 03-Dec-16 11:04:50

I'm really not squeamish about blood at all, but I have a permanent mountain of washing already and the initial outlay is quite substantial as I have no sewing skills.

SoupDragon Sat 03-Dec-16 11:05:48

I tried. They were shit.

Bloopbleep Sat 03-Dec-16 11:06:37

Because I used to bleed through the thickest towels with all the fancy absorbant stuff (even Tena lady couldn't hold it in) and often that was with a tampon. I filled a moon up in an hour (that's not meant to happen) So I just don't trust cloth or that you could get a mattress thick enough not to leak

TwentyCups Sat 03-Dec-16 11:07:01

And I can honestly say I've never leaked - even through ridiculously heavy bleeding - they are incredibly absorbent and make large night time ones which catch the flooding.

GettingitwrongHauntingatnight Sat 03-Dec-16 11:07:15

I am drowning in washing so they are not for me. If I ever get on top of the washing pile then I may give them a go.

passingthrough1 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:07:30

Mooncup all the way

Bex107 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:08:44

I've actually found they're more absorbent than disposables, especially the minkee/bamboo ones, which I was pretty surprised at. They also feel lovely and secure, as they're a bit longer/wider than disposables I think (although I guess size varies between brands). I can totally see the lack of appeal if you're squeamish, although you can cold rinse them together in your washer if it bothers you. Believe me I surprised myself that I like them - pre-DS the thought of them filled me with horror smile. Cost-wise I guess it's like cloth nappies - bigger initial outlay (I paid about £70 for a full set) but cheaper in the long run - I guess that cost amounts to maybe 2 years of periods?

Acrasia Sat 03-Dec-16 11:08:52

I have been thinking about using them because I hate the smell of the disposable ones, and I haven't had any luck finding unscented ones. They never used to smell quite as bad, I think there must have been a change in recipe... I am not squeamish about rinsing them, but DP was a little hmm when I mentioned getting some. I think I might order some to try.

MadisonMontgomery Sat 03-Dec-16 11:10:13

I tried one originally as I thought it was a bizarre concept and I was intrigued, I didn't think I would actually like them (basically the least hippy green person ever) but I was converted! They are ridiculously comfy, much more absorbent for heavy periods and they wash & dry really easily. They are expensive initially but I've had mine nearly 2 years now and they are still like new so will get loads more wear out of them. Can't imagine going back now.

Bex107 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:10:18

Also I agree with TwentyCups - they come in pretty colours smile which makes your period an altogether nicer experience!

Bex107 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:11:26

Can we do brand recommendations for anyone interested in trying them? I've got Cheeky Wipes ones which I love, but I hear the new Bloom & Nora range by TotsBots is also good. Any more?

Soubriquet Sat 03-Dec-16 11:11:40

The only thing I will point blank refuse to try is a moon cup grin

And tampons.

Neither are for me

user1477282676 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:12:13

I think my periods are too heavy to cope with them sadly. I saw today though...something which disgusted me....reusable loo roll! Well it was pads of fabric which you wipe yourself with and then launder!

MadisonMontgomery Sat 03-Dec-16 11:12:58

Oh and I don't muck about rinsing them - they get folded up & put in the laundry basket to be washed with everything else and they haven't stained and don't smell. Before I tried them I bought a nappy pail with a lid to soak them in as I thought they would be gross and smelly but they really aren't.

MrsJayy Sat 03-Dec-16 11:13:00

Its just another thing to wash I'm quite happy with changing and binning and getting on with my day I guess we are all different though disposable were invented for a good reason, what do you find so wonderful about them?

BratFarrarsPony Sat 03-Dec-16 11:13:03

Totally disgusting.
My mother (b 1933) used to tell me her horror story of having to use cloth pads, and how if she had her period at school, she had to store the used ones in a little bag and keep it in her school bag til she got home.
Even her dad realised how horrible that was for her and asked her mother if she could not get some disposables but the mother said NO.

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