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AIBU to ask how many layers your toddlers are wearing in this weather?

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HughLauriesStubble Tue 29-Nov-16 12:01:46

Is anyone else clueless about layers in this weather??

I've started to put vests on my 1 year old again since the weather has gotten colder. So now she'll usually wear a vest under a long sleeved light top or jumper when she's indoors and a warm coat over it for outdoors. Sometimes I'll also put a cardigan on over her light top if she seems cold.

My 2 year old is a bit trickier. Most of his tops are light and he has stopped wearing vests since he potty trained. So indoors, he only has his long sleeved tshirt on (he won't wear a hoody indoors) and when we go out, he has a warm coat plus a hoody if it's extra cold.

Is this enough? I'm thinking of getting some sleeveless vests for ds as I worry he's not wearing enough. Having said that, our house is generally kept well heated. Gah!

MessezFaire Tue 29-Nov-16 12:07:52

My 18 month old is dressed exactly like both of yours - depending on whether I happen to put a vest or tshirt on him that day. It's quite warm in our house and he has a warm coat for outdoors. He'll soon let me know if he's not happy - he's not polite about it grin

elvislives2012 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:08:12

Both in vests, long sleeve tops, tight or trousers. Plus coat outside. Both refusing to wear hats or gloves despite being frozen to the bone.
I always put them in one extra layer than I have

MrsHathaway Tue 29-Nov-16 12:08:59

Sleeveless vests are easily picked up at the supermarket and I would say ought to be a staple for your little boy probably October to April.

In a centrally heated house, that plus a top (sleeve length doesn't matter) and bottoms would be fine. To leave the house, add a jumper and coat, plus gloves/hat if they'll keep them on and blanket/foot muffins for the pram.

Don't let them wear bulky coats in their car seats by the way. In an accident they compress, so the harness/seat belt can't do its job. Fleece layers are fine; otherwise you can put the coat on back to front over the harness or use blankets if it's cold in the car.

SheepyFun Tue 29-Nov-16 12:09:04

DD is now nearly four, and very resistant to extra layers. If it's below about 5C, she'll deign to wear a second layer. We have a cargo trike, and I insist on her wearing an additional layer on that, but she'll usually take it off when she gets to the playground. She has always been like this. Given she will ask for her coat when it's really cold, I guess she just doesn't feel cold most of the time. She goes a bit red sometimes, but never blue. I insist she wears long sleeve tops/dresses at the moment, else I get a lot of judgy looks when we're out! You might find DS is similar.

MrsHathaway Tue 29-Nov-16 12:09:43

Foot muff obviously. Fuck knows what a foot muffin would look like blush

SnotGoblin Tue 29-Nov-16 12:10:50

Dress them the same as you are dressed with maybe an extra light item of clothing if you are in doubt or they can't communicate how hot/cold they are.

WaxyBean Tue 29-Nov-16 12:11:09

My 4 year old is wearing a vest, short sleeved polo shirt and shorts. He will wear a coat, hat, gloves and long socks outside.

I've given up trying to get him to wear more. He'll put it on if he's cold enough.

TheLobsterRollPlease Tue 29-Nov-16 12:11:37

DD2 vest & sweatshirt as she has one of the warmest coats you can buy.

MrsDustyBusty Tue 29-Nov-16 12:13:00

I have a vest of some kind on mine unless it's actually hot. She's a little coldy!
Today she has a sleeveles vest, a polo neck long sleeved t-shirt and a short sleeved dress with leggings. She will not even consider a cardigan.

For outside, she has a coat and hat but is a determined, implacable mitten refuser. Her little handies are often frozen.

Unwrapped Tue 29-Nov-16 12:13:29

Long-sleeve vest with a tshirt over it indoors, with trousers/leggings. Outdoors: long sleeve vest with jumper, coat and cosy-toes in pram. Mittens and a hat (mitten-clips and a hat with popper under chin otherwise he loses them!)

MusicalChairsOh Tue 29-Nov-16 12:19:10

2yr old in short sleeved vest and jumper trousers and socks.
10 month old long sleeve vest jumper trousers and socks.

2 yr old picked out his own hat - a very garish Thomas the tank engine one and he happily wears it. But only ever that hat. He's very attached to it. Before that hat came along he wouldn't wear one at all.

lornathewizzard Tue 29-Nov-16 12:19:50

2.4yo wears a no sleeve vest and tshirt, trousers inside. If we're going to be outside for a while then she has a fleece jumper plus scarf and duffle coat. Not both if we'll not be outside for long.
4mo DS has vest and sleepsuit inside, fleecy pram suit thing for pram plus blanket

lornathewizzard Tue 29-Nov-16 12:20:33

Oh and hat if she'll keep it on

Flingmoo Tue 29-Nov-16 12:21:48

Indoors: sleeveless vest, long sleeve top, trousers, socks.

Outdoors: same as above plus jumper, coat, hat, boots and mittens.

PinkSwimGoggles Tue 29-Nov-16 12:25:37

for forrest school (outside from 9-15)
tights, thermal leggings, welly socks, vest, ski turtle neck, jumper, raingear&wellies.
ski hat, gloves, mittens (several pair as get wet/dirty)

GoofyTheHero Tue 29-Nov-16 12:30:22

DD1 is just 3 and resistant to layers in general! Day to day she wears a short sleeve vest and thin, long sleeved top. Thick coat and hat outdoors. I'm going to have to try and get another layer on her somehow though as she is outside all day at pre school.
DD2 is 17 months and wears the same (short sleeved vest, long sleeved t-shirt) indoors. Usually add a cardigan under her coat when we go out.
Both are capable of telling me if they're too hot/too cold.

cauliwobbles Tue 29-Nov-16 12:31:40

DD who is 3 wears a vest & knickers with leggings (she won't wear tights) a dress and cardigan and a thick padded coat (takes off in car) and socks a hat and gloves.

The older 2 wear coats and gloves rarely with their school clothes, they both wear vests though and have blazers for school but bizarrely always wear hats! hmm

PeggyMitchell123 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:32:15

My 3 year old has a vest, long sleeved t-shirt and a jumper on. It gets really cold and he is always comfortable with layers on.

user1480182169 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:34:15

One more layer than you have yourself is the standard advice.

FrankGrimes Tue 29-Nov-16 12:38:55

Mine (older now) weren't in vests for long. They always ended up overheating and being stripped down to their vests so I gave up. At this age I layered with cardigans / jumpers that they could take off when hot, which they inevitably did. They now walk around in t-shirts at 6 and 4! Some children are just little ovens (I always was too). I am just saying this really to give you another side of it. Only you know whether he is a comfortable temperature in one layer indoors.

NattyTile Tue 29-Nov-16 12:38:57

I am wearing a thermal vest, t shirt and jumper inside, with a thick coat and scarf outside.

So that's how I dress my children too, with the addition of a blanket if they're sitting and I'm walking.

PinkSwimGoggles Tue 29-Nov-16 12:43:19

for dc who hats scarfs look for 'chest warmers' in outdoor stores.

GoofyTheHero Tue 29-Nov-16 12:43:22

Our house must be really warm, we'd all melt in a thermal vest, t shirt and jumper!
I'm just in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt so the girls have one more layer than me with their vests.

BitchQueen90 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:46:30

My DS 3.5 is at nursery today in a vest, T-shirt, then a button cardigan. Add a coat, hat and gloves for outdoors.

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