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To think fitness first should allow me to cancel a membership I am paying for?

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Rattusn Tue 29-Nov-16 00:09:15

I paid for gym membership for my au pair. She has now left us, and gone back to her home country (all very amicable). The gym membership has reached its minimum term now.

I've tried to cancel her gym membership, which I went with her to start, signed the payment forms for, and pay for in full. Fitness first won't speak to me due to 'data protection'. If I cancel the direct debit they will still bill my card. She had spoken to them about cancelling, but I feel uncomfortable not having a confirmation in writing that they acknowledge the cancellation. Previously they still billed for months despite a written notice to cancel, so I have good reason to be prudent about this.

DailyFaily Tue 29-Nov-16 01:07:14

Could you get advice from your bank about blocking payment?

user1837559372496 Tue 29-Nov-16 01:10:02

Write a cancellation letter. Email it to her. Get her to print and sign and take a photo of it and email it to you and the gym.

You print out the PDF and take it in too.

I'm overseas and we do the print - sign - photo routine all the time. Even HRMC accept it.

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