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Children losing stuff

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80schild Sun 27-Nov-16 20:58:21

I have a 7 and 6 year old. I started the school year feeling faintly optimistic that they were growing up a bit and becoming more responsible. It seems like they are regressing though - both of them are constantly losing stuff. This week we have lost a coat, homework book, and two toothbrushes. I just can't take it anymore. Aside from the fact I am irritated by it, I can see it is affecting them with me constantly reminding them and nagging them.

ditzychick34 Sun 27-Nov-16 22:42:29

Just make sure that you label everything, I love my sharpie!

Allthewaves Sun 27-Nov-16 22:46:50


Mine have mild sen so organisation is not a strong point. I tend to buy super bright coats and labell with big black sharpie. It's a small school so luckily most things are easily tracked down.

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Sun 27-Nov-16 22:47:49

I have numbered DS's cardigans so I can track which ones leave and enter the house. After a few conversations along the lines of "you went into school with cardigan #3, you need to look for it in the morning", and not sending another in with him, cardigan losses seem to have calmed down considerably!

stillwantrachelshair Sun 27-Nov-16 23:02:29

I love the idea of numbering things where they have multiples of them.
7yo DD has improved marginally since I started following through more with consequences. She never seems to know where her toothbrush is (how??) and I decided I was no longer help her look. I warned her we were introducing this system, reminded her of the existence of her toothbrush holder etc. She has only "lost" it once since then as I didn't help & just calmly said it was a pity that her mouth was feel funny and her breath would probably smell strange by the end of the day and, if that continued, her friends may start avoiding her. I felt really mean but it did the trick. She also had to wear a too small cardigan to school one day as she has two, one of which went missing on the Monday & the other on the Tuesday. She suddenly found her voice & went and asked at the office as they're supposed to do at her school.

Shineyshoes10 Sun 27-Nov-16 23:06:37

I'm super organised, as is DH, sadly DSs are not. 7 year old DS lost a sock last Thursday. It was not a PE day and he wouldn't have been doing it anyway with a broken arm so why was his sock not on his foot?

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