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To be pissed off about this?

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Persianredflame Sun 27-Nov-16 20:18:43

One of my flatmates hasn't really lived in a hiuseshare before. I am very clean and keep the kitchen clean, empty dishwasher and drying rack, wipe surfaces etc etc. Recently drew up a cleaning rota on her request too (but no one is sticking to it)!

Anyway I just overheard her complaining to her boyfriend about having to empty the bin and how no-one else does it. This is really annoying me. I'm pretty sure I did it last (a few days ago). And also annoyed that she doesn't realise what other work I do - the bin takes 2 mins and he has been staying over this whole weekend, and I'm assuming most of the rubbish is theirs! Stop complaining!

AngryGinger Sun 27-Nov-16 20:43:36

Just stop doing any house work that isn't your mess. Take your own rubbish out too, until they work out they're living in their own filth.

RaggyDoll1 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:45:14

why not have a meeting to discuss, how many flatmates do you have? I sympathise O.P but you will meet many people like this and you need to be assertive.

I would have loved to see your flatmates face if you interjected : no actually I changed the bin last time"

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