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Help MIL Christmas present

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user1471451684 Sun 27-Nov-16 14:46:41

We moved to the USA MiL dead against from the start and still is. She wants us to come back to visit her every other year. She won't come here. Since a career chance we are tight on money. I just snuck a peak at her Christmas present she posted us. She has paid for a hotel in Spain for us to attend her 60th birthday next spring .We knew about and told her we probably couldn't afford to go since career change. Now she booked it anyway. flights and the rest of the trip are 2-3k. I don't know what to do. Tell her no or suck up a massive credit card bill?

happypoobum Sun 27-Nov-16 15:01:39

Wait until Christmas and then tell her she must have got confused, you have told her you cannot afford to make the trip and DH cannot get the time off work. You hope she has a lovely time and can change the name on the hotel room to someone who can come.

Then do not engage further other than sending the same message back to her.

Do you actually know anyone who is going that you could change the booking to, as it's in your name at this point, save them a few quid and be a fait accompli for MIL. Just give them the room and then tell MIL what you have done.

user1471451684 Sun 27-Nov-16 17:13:49

Ok that is a good thaught, SiL will be going

NewIdeasToday Sun 27-Nov-16 18:12:46

You can understand why she's hoping you'll be there. If you can't afford for you both to go, why doesn't your husband go alone and spend some time with his mum and family?

ummizoomi Sun 27-Nov-16 21:04:28

Call the hotel and see whether they would be able to cancel the reservation. (Wonder if she paid for it already.) Then ask them to use that money and book MIL for a spa day or a treat like champagne in her room or any old crap.

Then send her an email explaining it was very thoughtful of her to reserve a room for u but unfortunately u won't be able to make it. However u wanted to do something nice for her so have arranged for her to be spoilt rotten and send her lots of love x

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