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AIBU to make them share? (fictional and lighthearted!!)

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jayisforjessica Sun 27-Nov-16 10:47:39

(Brought to you by late night viewing, because I can't sleep! Disclaimer: this is fictional. I am taking the part of a fictional character, not trolling. This could be a fun game if we let it!! "Guess the show" and "respond outrageously to the fictional character", haha!!!)

My husband and I have six children between us, three boys and three girls. The marriage is new enough that we're still having the occasional teething problem, with all the kids settling in together. Yes, the boys are his and the girls are mine, but we're doing our best to be a family unit, so we don't say "step"!

Recently there was a scuffle over a playhouse in the backyard belonging to the boys. The boys built it themselves, long before the girls and I were on the scene, but DH and I have been really pushing "share and share alike" and I believe strongly that the boys should be made to share the clubhouse with their new sisters. DH disagrees, saying the boys need some space of their own.

Who is BU, DH or me?

HeyOverHere Sun 27-Nov-16 20:06:35

Didn't you once say your DH is an architect? Encourage him to work with the girls to build themselves their own playhouse. Boys AND girls need their own space! Share and share alike is great, but if all (parentally-approved) expectations were set up that if the boys built it, it would be only for him, then forcing them to share it now sends a wrong message to both sides.

How's Tiger?

jayisforjessica Sun 27-Nov-16 22:48:40

In a fit of pique, the girls and I did attempt building them a playhouse, but it was disastrous - made even more so by the fact that DS3, trying to help, removed the nails from the BOYS clubhouse to use in the GIRLS clubhouse... whereupon the boys house fell down! Of course, the boys then felt entitled to take over the new clubhouse, which of course I couldn't allow as the girls built that for themselves!

Oh dear... I AM BU, aren't I? I should have just left the boys to it and told the girls that if they wanted a clubhouse, they needed to do what the boys did and build one themselves. You're right, DH is an architect, and he could help them with it.

Tiger... Tiger... whatever happened to that dog?

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