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Sunday morning - Lighthearted

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whoopsiedaisy123 Sun 27-Nov-16 09:09:18

Anyone else have a Sunday morning like this?

Have a lie in DP says "treat yourself" I'll look after our newborn baby and 18 month old.....

I'm on ML so look after them all week including doing the night feeds etc.

It's probably 10 mins before toddler comes in and climbs all over me...then toddler crumbles a biscuit all over my nice clean bed....then DP brings in newborn so he can pop out and get a coffee....then toddler needs a poo in the big newborn is awake and crying....

Anyone else miss their pre kid Sunday morning lie in?

whoopsiedaisy123 Sun 27-Nov-16 12:45:06

Only me then sad smile

PlinkPlonkPlunk Sun 27-Nov-16 12:47:06

Ugh, yes! DH offers to get up, but suddenly the toddler is running into the room, or someone's shouting, or there's just general chaos. He has got better gradually as time has gone on, though.

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