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AIBU to tell my neighbour's to shut up?

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EdmundCleverClogs Sat 26-Nov-16 00:57:55

They are currently murdering The Greastest Love of All on a fucking Karaoke machine in their back garden. I mean, if a dog was making a noise like that, I'd be putting it out of its misery. Have to put up with this shit most weekends because our local council doesn't do noise complaints (and I can't go round as they are very unreasonable, aggressive people). I just want to sleep! Would I be unreasonable to chuck my snoring partner at them (who made some grumbling 'bastards' sounds, before adding his bass acoustics to the mix angry).

Manumission Sat 26-Nov-16 02:02:06

Wow. That sounds like torture.

Will they care what you say to them? All the neighbours must be homicidal by now if this is a regular event.

You poor thing!

EdmundCleverClogs Sat 26-Nov-16 02:20:04

It's a very built up area so several houses backed onto each other, it's only them who are this inconsiderate though! Lived here a few years, always had a bit of noise but nothing unbearable. I really don't want to 'have a word' - if the way the poor teen kids are spoken to screamed at gives any indication, I doubt they will give a flying fuck that no one wants to hear them wail and screech Madonna at 2am.

Manumission Sat 26-Nov-16 02:28:13

So the council don't provide a noise nuisance service and presumably the police won't deal either?

That leaves you in an appalling position.

EdmundCleverClogs Sat 26-Nov-16 02:36:57

The police advise speaking to the council, the council advise 'talking to the neighbours'. They specifically say they don't do weekend noise pollution, and really don't want to deal with private tenants at all (social housing issues seems to be the priority).

Don't get me wrong, a one off (especially in summer) I have no issue with. It's a pain, but everyone is allowed a one off. Can't believe my partner is snoring through it again. I really can't decide who I want to chuck a cold bucket of water over more right now.

CouldIHaveIt Sat 26-Nov-16 03:08:52

There must be a 'two birds with one stone' solution here! 🤔 I'll get back to you on that...

Surely your council can't just 'opt out' of its responsibility here? Have you tried contacting your MP? (Mine us UTTER crap, but I hear there are some good ones).

Ear plugs? (I can't use them though)

Best yet, go and join them, sing as badly as you can and hope they decide not to risk it in future? 😁

AutumnalLeaves38 Sat 26-Nov-16 04:11:22

They sound a nightmare, if they're causing such major disturbances weekly ^and" are too aggressive/ unreasonable to discuss it in a calm, adult manner.

Long term:

Could you combine forces with all the other hacked-off locals and tackle TwatNeighbours in numbers/ they can't then single out individuals, if everyone else objects to their anti-social behaviour?

Maybe get everyone affected to record the noise from their individual homes. You then have multiple pieces of evidence gathered together, and it becomes a community issue. If they're renting, forward to their Landlord?

_Short term payback_:

(Probably ill-advised and childish, but would make you feel better. Depends on whether they're immediate/ adjoined neighbours, sharing walls)

As soon as their household's sleeping off the hangovers later this morning, damn well give them a taste of their own medicine. Any loud DIY/ screeching drills/ hoovering/ log-chopping need urgently doing? Any death metal/ irritating kids' songs you can blast, on loop, whilst out?

You'd need to ensure you didn't disturb other innocent neighbours, mind you. That would be heavily ironic.

Best of luck. It really sucks for you.

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