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Parents - fear of death

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rosenylund Fri 25-Nov-16 22:16:01

Sorry for the depressing title on a Friday too sad

Following on from the fear of death thread, does anyone else have parents openly fearing death? My dad is 73 and is convinced this is his last christmas, that he won't see us again soon. He's ok health wise in that he has the 'common' ( to some ) older man issues - prostate issuesetc. although he is diabetic (managed well). He's overweight and has had skin cancer (safely removed), and has had some bowel cancer scares which he was convinced were 'it'. They were not thank goodness.

I get that he is fearful, reality says 10 more years would be a great innings. As his child obviously I never want to be without him,. This is destroying any joy in life for him. He had a very minor day-case op 4 weeks ago, and has only just got dressed, out of bed and taken a short walk today. The op. has cured a painful issue but he's still been in bed for 4 weeks. I know he is depressed, but he has a diagnosis and meds and doesn't take them. Ironically his job was a cpn hmm

I don't know how to help him. My mum is so stressed out since the op. and I'm off sick so she's worried about him and me.

TheBouquets Fri 25-Nov-16 22:24:44

I think his depression is the major issue. He has come through various problems and may be thinking "what next". He has made a move today so hopefully he will improve a bit more every day from now on. Invite your parents to fun things if possible, such as local carol singing etc

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