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to ask you to watch this video & try to reclaim a little British tolerance

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MaryMargaret Thu 24-Nov-16 21:46:08

...and then to go to the thread that's already been started about this!

The video is from the 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign

I know not everyone agrees this is an appropriate way to tackle the problem of rising hate crime and irresponsible media, but I personally think it's very legitimate and have emailed John Lewis & M&S. (I'd have linked straight to the video, not to the annoying tweet, but can't see how to)

If you want to comment probably best to contribute to the existing thread on In The News here - -- it's probably unhelpful to have two discussions going on in parallel!

However I'd like to keep this thread alive too if at all possible, so maybe people could just post here to share if they have taken a bit of action themselves?

Thanks - peace & love & all that smile

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