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To ask what saucepans everyone use??

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plastique Thu 24-Nov-16 15:29:41

Didn't get any response on household thread so asking here...., Got a new ceramic top cooker coming today... Need new saucepans... Haven't bought new in over 20 years, what's everyone using here that you would recommend? .

DefinitelyNotRuth Thu 24-Nov-16 15:32:42

I bought ours in John Lewis. Can't remember what the range is called but it's the mid price John Lewis brand ones. They were around £150 for the set but they are brilliant.

ginauk84 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:34:50

We have an induction hob and there isn't a lot of choice to be honest, however I have always liked Tefal and that's usually what I go for smile always seem to be good quality and last well.

orangebird69 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:36:46

Analon pans. Well worth the money.

wasonthelist Thu 24-Nov-16 15:43:10

Mine are a mish-mash mostly bought from TK Maxx - all different brands, some induction suitable (although I have gas) some not. All work fine.

fourcorneredcircle Thu 24-Nov-16 15:45:44

Who is going to use them?

We look after teenagers and it doesn't matter how carefully I explain that they musn't use metal utensils in them... they end up mysteriously scratched to fuck...

Don't get me started on the scorching they get (also mysteriously) and the time someone (the cat?!) burnt the bottom out of one...

Now I have cheap Tefal set of four and some equal frying pans that get periodically replaced as required with a lot less heartache!

Artandco Thu 24-Nov-16 15:47:34

'Green pan' pans. Great at non stick and lightweight . Also non toxic

plimsolls Thu 24-Nov-16 15:48:31

Tefal Ingenio. I love them, mostly because of the removable handles.

magicstar1 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:49:03

Circulon. We bought a set in 2008 which are still like the day we bought them...non stick is still perfect. We're in the middle of fitting a new kitchen with induction hob, so we're getting a new set that are suitable for induction...I wouldn't use anything else.

There are some great deals on Amazon for them.

tactum Thu 24-Nov-16 15:51:01

Circulon definitely. love 'em

Herecomedanotherone Thu 24-Nov-16 15:54:00

I like circulon and used them successfully on a ceramic job. Currently using some stainless steal ones I got from Tesco when they gave vouchers to buy at a huge discount. I've been using them for around 7 years or so and they are amazing.

Bluntness100 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:55:03

I use the le creuset ones, but they are mighty heavy, I also have a ceramic hob, I also have some old cheaper lighter non stick ones, which clearly don't last so well but in all honesty are lighter and easier to use.

ohgoodlordthatsmoist Thu 24-Nov-16 15:56:31

I have three sets:
My originals were an Ikea starter pack I bought myself
A set of rangemaster ones hat came with our oven and are the ones most in use
A set of le creuset ones (3 pots which were wedding present) and 1 casserole one that I bought myself, the 3 le creuset ones are too heavy for every day use so I tend to use the rangemaster ones.

I think I have a set under the stairs that someone bought us as a wedding present (they knew better than our wedding list apparently)

OurBlanche Thu 24-Nov-16 15:57:01,default,pd.html

50% off and great to use. We bought them last time they were this cheap. The straining/pouring lid has been a great find.

I may have to ask for commission, I recommend them so often smile

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Thu 24-Nov-16 15:59:28

I have a mixture of tefal , le creuset and cheap morrisons ones , you definately get what you pay for with pans

AlmondMagnum Thu 24-Nov-16 16:01:01

Ikea stainless steel saucepans for us. Never needed to replace them, they're great, come up lovely and shiny in the dishwasher every time.

NannyR Thu 24-Nov-16 16:01:04

Circulon frying pans and ikea 365 saucepans - all work on induction hobs and good hard wearing pans.

biscuitbadger Thu 24-Nov-16 16:01:21


plastique Thu 24-Nov-16 16:02:25

Brilliant! Thanks for ideas... Going to look at them all. I've got a real mixture of old pans but for once in my life I'd like a nice matching set

chemicalCat Thu 24-Nov-16 16:08:10

Another Circulon on induction user here. Sometimes good deals at on the sets at Amazon.

In-laws have le Creuset which look nice but don't think they are any better quality for more money.

chewingawasp Thu 24-Nov-16 16:13:43

I have just bought a Stellar 7000 set from Ocado. Had good reviews on Amazon but Ocado are cheaper.

OohhThatsMe Thu 24-Nov-16 16:16:55

I had a stainless steel set from Brabantia more than twenty years ago and they are as good as new now.

slanleat Thu 24-Nov-16 16:25:06

Ikea 365 range is brilliant. Works on the hob and in the oven - and you can chuck them in and out of the dishwasher too.

MaverickSnoopy Thu 24-Nov-16 16:37:14

Le Creuset stainless steel. Had them about 6 months and they are a dream. Food rarely sticks and if it does it comes clean really easily. I made jam recently and I left the pan to soak for half an hour and I didn't even need to wipe it clean. Rice is fluffy and no residue. It doesn't take much to make me happy!

WeeM Thu 24-Nov-16 16:37:39

I have had Meyer anolon pans since about 2003 and they are still in almost perfect condition (I am anal about never using metal implements!). Not even sure if you can still get them right enough!

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