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Is LL being U?

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hungryhippo90 Wed 23-Nov-16 11:22:46

There's a lot of back story here. My now ex, was awful with money, despite bankruptcy things just got worse. For the most part the family was financially dependant on him because of a host of mental health issues.
He took over dealing with the landlord for everything, because I worried that every time I would hear from him it was to tell me we were being evicted... even when everything was fine!

So in September I answered the phone to the estate agent, who is the only one I have any dealings with really. Apparently we owed about £500. So I say I have to figure out how to pay this off, and our rent at the same time. Which he thinks is reasonable.

So I start paying this money off, and the rent, but phone calls are coming every single day. Because he wants the money even quicker it seems. If the phone goes unanswered he calls straight away again. Up to four times in a row.

It gets to the point where my husband who still lived in the house calls him back and an employee answers the phone, says she will get him to ring back. He says no please don't get him to call back, he knows uippo doesn't deal well with stress, she's kept the arrangement, but he's still chasing. It's quite upsetting and I'm annoyed because it's bordering on harassment.

Following week he leaves. I speak with estate agent. He seems fine.

The day after he sent me a letter telling me to be out by the middle of January. I speak with him. He seems fair to me, but tells me that my husband has been rude and abusive to him and if I were to pay off th money owing I could stay. He confirms its about £200.

I have a look at my finances and see with the debt I've been left with, I owe about £20k. I think moving in with my dad may be best. I need to try and sort out my financial situation, and leaving the house is the best step I think... and I will have a bit less debt if I leave a month earlier than the notice requires. I think it's the fairest I can be to the landlord and estate agent.

I have to get rid of six years worth of furniture and shit within the next month I think, and repaint, and get carpets cleaned, and replace Lino in kitchen as it was ripped when My washing machine was replaced.

A day later he calls me and tells me that the coming weekend he wants to assess the property to see what damage I'm leaving and show prospective tenants around, at which point I say not this weekend. I've got a lot to do before that (waffled on a bit about how I've got to move furniture, paint etc) and he says, the following week. Pretty much tells me how much of an inconvenience it is.

He then calls the next day and tells me I actually owe almost 2k, that he hadn't realised. I've no idea how he can say 2k is missing, surely he would have chased me for 2k instead of the £500?

im honestly just thinking he's being U wanting people to come in and view and assess "damage" as soon as 2days into a notice period when it's quite obvious I'll be throwing out most of what I own. The place is going to be bedlam! I can't think perspective tenants will want to see it in that state and it's thrown me into a real state... or am I expecting to get it into a perfect state and that's not what's expected?

And I've no idea what to think about this 2k that's just popped up out of nowhere.

PumpkinsOnTheMantlepiece Wed 23-Nov-16 11:32:55

Can you ask for a rent statement showing rent payments etc?

hungryhippo90 Wed 23-Nov-16 11:35:12

Pumpkins, he's given me an excel spreadsheet, which I was at first quite keen to trust, but I've a friend who's a landlord, who said, but there's no proof that he hasn't edited that. Or forgotten to add payments which only adds to the suspicion.

Ahickiefromkinickie Wed 23-Nov-16 12:42:37

You're relight, you can't trust an excel spreadsheet. He can put whatever amounts he wants in there.

Were all payments made to his bank account? Do you/your ex have back statements to show what months you have paid rent for?

Ahickiefromkinickie Wed 23-Nov-16 12:43:11

*you're right

MidniteScribbler Wed 23-Nov-16 12:48:34

Surely you have kept track of payments you have made towards rent? Even bank statements showing your transfers?

kormachameleon Wed 23-Nov-16 12:53:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Wed 23-Nov-16 12:54:08

Yes I agree with pps the answer to this is go back through your (or exs) bank statements & calculate the full amount transferred then work out the total amount of rent that should have been paid.

lastqueenofscotland Wed 23-Nov-16 12:57:11

Is it let through an agent? Their accounts people will have a proper statement of everything

mortgagefreesoon5 Thu 24-Nov-16 04:34:11

Also has he got a deposit from you? And if so, is it protected? If not you could claim 3 x times rent.
Is the tenancy on your name or your ex name?
Also you might dont need to paint etc,LL should allow for wear and tear. I don't mean by this you can leave the place in a right state but at the end of the day it has been your home for 6 years. So it means that you might need to pay proportionally for the kitchen lino, not all of it.
The scheme that protects your deposit ( if any) should act as a mediator for this kind of thing.
It's up to you if you let prospective tenants having a look but LL should give you plenty of notice. Remember " quiet enjoyment of the property"....
I'd go to CAB and ask for advice, they'll point you in the right direction

Clandestino Thu 24-Nov-16 06:02:23

Get the statements, as advised to have proof of payments.
Get someone trustworthy to help you to deal with those issues. It looks like your landlord was presented with a picture of you as someone who is anxious and stresses a lot hence you prefer to stick your head into the sand instead of facing your problems. Between your DH and the landlord they seem to have made a very good use of it.

VintagePerfumista Thu 24-Nov-16 06:17:19

You said in your OP that there is a (letting?) agent involved.

Deal with them, and only them.

Get your back statements etc from your bank, proving what has been paid.

LL needs to give reasonable notice (24 hours or more) but not letting him show prospective tenants round is not going to make him amenable when it comes to negotiating for paying off the money he is owed. (I rent, but tbh, you can see a LL's POV when tenants haven't paid) He also seems to have been OK when you said not this weekend, but the following week. He is going to have to assess sooner or later, and if you intend being out by mid December (ie in the next 3 weeks or so) you're going to have to let him.

Don't do anything not stipulated in your contract, I moved in September and didn't repaint, because it wasn't in the contract. In my new flat, it is, so when/if I leave this one, I have to repaint.

Be careful also with leaving early- in most cases that won't mean you don't have to pay up until the end of the notice period!

Is it possible that you left the rent paying up to your husband and he wasn't doing it by any chance?


RoseGoldHippie Thu 24-Nov-16 06:58:49

OP How did you pay your LL? If it was bank transfer you will be able to go through all your statements to prove what you have paid (go into the bank as they should be able to print a statement to show payments to him only)

This guy sounds awful! YANBU

Frouby Thu 24-Nov-16 07:06:34

You should receive a rent statement at least once a year. If you make your payments by bank transfer then it is easy to cross reference the payments.

You don't have to allow access if you don't want to. Make sure you are there for the check out and make sure you take photographs. Did you get given an inventory when you moved in?

VintagePerfumista Thu 24-Nov-16 09:11:01

Oh yes, LOADS of photos!

Our LL sent us an email after we'd moved accusing us of having broken the door of the next door neighbour hmm and "throwing something that must have been acid" onto the balcony of the flat below! (so take pictures of the surroundings as well!

And yes to the annual statement, we never bothered, but when we came to move, the agent (in our case solicitor) printed out the whole shebang and gave a copy to us and a copy to the LL.

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