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To feel really suffocated and panicked?

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AreYouFeelingLucky Tue 22-Nov-16 19:04:41

I became suddenly unemployed a few weeks ago. I consult so work 9-5 on client site 5 days a week, but we meet up occasionally at our base company for socials. I go to fewer than everyone else as my client is more demanding. I was asked to attend one on a Tuesday; did so - after an hour or two in the office, I was called into meeting and given an offer to leave immediately. It's all quite legally tense so I've been left in a bit of limbo but advised not to speak to my customer, suppliers, colleagues etc - who understandably wanted to know why I'd disappeared!

A colleague messaged me last night at 11:45pm, sending multiple long messages stating that I'd behaved unacceptably in not responding to him and working hard to keep the friendship alive, accusing me of victimising him and stating he knew nothing and had nothing to do with this so blaming him was unacceptable.

Now a supplier is very keen for me to go work for them. They have created a role, despite me explaining that it's all legally complicated at the moment. They hassled me last week into agreeing to enter the process if it proceeded slowly, which I did, but now it's moving high-speed and they are messaging me everywhere - multiple emails, voicemails, texts, WhatsApps, Twitter, Instagram...

I feel hounded. I do need to sort my work situation, which is stressful enough, and I'm still in shock a bit. I did used to have severe anxiety which has been controlled for a year or so, so is now unmedicated. I'm not sure if I've triggered it or if they are all behaving really bizarrely?!

I've spent the day having kidney scans, feel like death anyway, and have an awful headache. I want the world to stop for a bit.

MrsMozart Tue 22-Nov-16 19:13:52

Email 'new' client to say that you're on leave for two weeks and you'll get back to them soonest.

You'll need to check your Ts&Cs re. going to work for a client. I can't remember restrictive practices so it'll depend on your status with the last employer. Make yourself a nice coffee/tea/beaverage of choice and call ACAS if you were an employee of the consultancy.

Temporary block numbers. Send a text to the hounding to say you can't talk now but you will as soon as you can. Switch everything off and find your equilibrium.

AreYouFeelingLucky Tue 22-Nov-16 19:53:50

Thanks, that's wise advice! I'll do that.

I get the feeling that the restrictive clauses will be fair. They introduced us, I suppose it's wise to prevent employees from then running off and replacing the employer! I know enough about both businesses now to prevent them from needing a third-party if they hired me directly. My solicitor will review but it's not a priority, compared to the ongoing legal stuff.

I will text and then go and get a drink and some space, and consider the doctors if I don't feel happier tomorrow.

Genuine thanks flowers

MrsMozart Tue 22-Nov-16 20:08:35

You're welcome. I do similar, but different set up, so sort of understand.

Feel free to shout any time.

Littleallovertheshop Tue 22-Nov-16 20:11:42

You're not being unreasonable - it sounds like a really stressful situation but like you're handling it as well as possible. Didn't want to read and run - hope things start to look up xx

Electrolens Tue 22-Nov-16 20:16:27

Good advice. Tell your colleague, thank you, I can't talk right now as a lot going on but nothing personal and hope to be in touch at some point in the future. Ignore further messages.

Tell supplier you are taking time off and will reply in two weeks.

Speak to your employer about exactly what is happening and say you need to know as soon as possible what the situation is. If it's possible for you to take a couple of days leave and take stock then do so.

It sounds stressful - but also a potential opportunity. You need and should have a chance to consider options. Who advised you not to talk to clients/suppliers? You need to at least be able to tell them you're taking a couple of days leave.

Good luck.

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