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to think it's a bit rude to say "I'll pick it up on Thursday" and not specify a time

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fannyannie Wed 14-Feb-07 19:44:56

if you've bought something off ebay and it's collection only.

I sold a bureau on Ebay yesterday afternoon/evening - winner bidder contacted me almost immidiately to say she'd be in my town on Thursday and she'd pick it up then and asked for contact details so she could find me. I replied the second I got her email saying that was fine - but could she let me know roughly what time on Thursday, and to say that I would definitely be out between 2 and 3.30 in the afternoon.

As of now I STILL haven't heard from her - I even put my phone number in the email to her incase she got lost on the way here - so she's had 2 ways of contacting me.

I'm really p*ssed off - as I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and would like to know what time of day I'm I being unreasonable or hormonal???

peanutbutter Wed 14-Feb-07 20:00:55

she'll probably reply to you this evening or maybe ring you tomorrow morning.

fannyannie Wed 14-Feb-07 20:02:06

she'd better not bother waiting until tomorrow morning to let me know

lazyline Wed 14-Feb-07 20:24:03

YOu should be able to get her phone number as she is your buyer. I can't remember how you do it, but it is possible via ebay.

fannyannie Wed 14-Feb-07 21:39:03

well still no email so it looks like I'm just going to have to stay in until she comes

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 11:02:06

- I'm annoyed now - still no email or phone call from her so apart from 2-3.30pm when I told her I'd be out I now have to stay in the whole day grrrrr

Mumpbump Thu 15-Feb-07 11:13:55

I would go out if you want to anyway. Chances are that she will call your mobile. I would certainly not stay in for the whole day just so someone could come and pick something up if they don't have the courtesy to specify a time... If she wanted it enough to bid for it, I'm sure she'll get in touch again if she misses you.

ImaWurzel Thu 15-Feb-07 11:15:16

Agree with mump.

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 11:15:34

My mobile has been playing up so she's only got my home number.......

Mumpbump Thu 15-Feb-07 11:19:09

So what? I know we live in a time when arrangements are left to the last minute, but I agree that it is rude not to have given you an indication of when she's intending to put in an appearance. Personally, being a perverse person, I would probably go out even if I didn't really need to. Leave a note on the door saying "Back at xx"!

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 11:22:46

well it's too late for me to go out now anyhow - have delayed my grocery shopping to tomorrow morning instead. I just find it incredibly rude not to reply to my emails or at least call and let me know a rough time

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 12:18:54

oh bah bl**dy humbug - my day is just going tits up now. Just had a phonecall from teh woman who helps run Toddler Group to say it's cancelled today - that was where I was going to be between 2 and 3.30. DS2 is really disappointed and I think I'm going to tear all my hair out ARGHHHHHHHH

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 20:00:33

and to top it all off it's now 8pm and there's been no sign of her

hoohoo Thu 15-Feb-07 20:17:23

I'd be is so rude What a waste of your day!!!!!

ComeOVeneer Thu 15-Feb-07 20:20:17

Has she paid for it?

fannyannie Thu 15-Feb-07 21:16:57

COV - no I'd said in the listing I'd accept Cash on Collection and she said in her email that's what she'd do.

I'm really p*ssed off about it .

I shall call her tomorrow and see if she's still interested - if she's not then someone actually sent me a message after the auction had ended asking if it had been sold - he was watching it for his son and missed the end of the auction. Told him that it had sold but if they let me down then I'd contact him - and he emailed (more than this woman has managed to do) to say thanks.

Mumpbump Fri 16-Feb-07 13:11:01

I'd just sell it to the other blokey anyway. I think you can justify doing so on the basis that she hasn't turned up... If she's messed you around once, she'll do it again...

fannyannie Fri 16-Feb-07 16:52:15

well I haven't managed to call her - no rpely when I rang earlier - have sent her another message via ebay and will give her until Sunday to respond - in the meantime I'm going to contact the other person and tell him whats happening just incase he's watching another one and wants to hang fire.

fannyannie Fri 16-Feb-07 18:19:37

hmm - just had an email from her via ebay that says

I am sorry that you waited in for me to collect the bureaux, but unfortunately I never received either of your emails.
If you would kindly resend your name and address, I will be coming again next Thursday and would be pleased to collect it then.
Finally, please be assurred that I do want it and that I would never simply ignore you.
With kind regards."

Now - one of the emails I had sent her was via ebay - and I receieved a copy in my inbox - and the other was direct to her email address......what do you reckon - is she p*ssing around with me....or do I give her the benefit of the doubt????

fannyannie Fri 16-Feb-07 22:05:07

well should I give her the benifit of the doubt or not????

Catbabymummy Sat 17-Feb-07 18:46:05

It could well be that she had a problem with her emails - so she might not have received any -i.e. she had problems with her ISP. I would email her back to say that you do need her to specify a time when she will come and collect.

fannyannie Sat 17-Feb-07 18:52:35

actually she's just emailed me again - apologising again - she's found the emails I sent her - and has asked if she can pick up next Thursday - early morning or late afternoon - whichever suits me....

NappiesGalore Sat 17-Feb-07 18:58:52

id say benefit of the doubt here...
but, ask her if she is able to pay now via paypal? that way, she has a v strong incentive to turn up when she says she will...
just a thouhgt. she may not have paypal tho...

fannyannie Thu 22-Feb-07 17:07:44

well just a quick update - the Bureau has just gone - and I have £5 in my back pocket......DH will be VERY pleased that it's finally 'left the building' LOL.

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