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To be desperately curious about WTH happened last night

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mumonashoestring Sun 20-Nov-16 21:50:57

We live on a fairly quiet street in a fairly quiet neighbourhood where very little drama happens, but last night, as we were going to bed, we could hear what sounded like a weapons-grade punch up gearing up at the end of the road. There were two cars parked alongside each other, lights on, and two large groups of young men shouting, swearing, pushing each other... DH called the police who, to their credit, turned up amazingly quickly and it was like a light going on in a cockroach infested kitchen - at least 20 guys ran past our house, all shouting at each other, two cars went screaming past the house, and another car was stopped just down the road with police searching the car, the driver, and the two front gardens nearest where they'd stopped him. Then, about 40 minutes later, a recovery truck pulled up and hoisted the car onto the flatbed, had a little chat with the remaining police, and they all drove off.

Nothing in the local paper or on facebook/twitter today. I am desperately nosey and want to know what on earth they were all doing!

(I did suggest at about 11pm last night to DH that the police could raise some good funds if they offered an option to pay £5 and receive text updates when you call something in grin )

noeffingidea Sun 20-Nov-16 21:56:36

Sounds like some kind of drug dealing or gang thing.
TBH, it's probably best to keep your head down and not ask too many questions. You can always google if you want to find out more.

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