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...calling my husband selfish?

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Livvysmummy8116 Sun 20-Nov-16 20:28:23

So last night my husband went out for a mate's birthday party (have no problems with that at all) and came back at about 12.30-1. I had asked him to keep me up to date when he was coming home so to prevent dog barking and waking baby (10m). I was annoyed at that so just rolled over and went to sleep when I heard him come in but then this morning at about 7.30 we were all in bed and she was clapping happily and trying to climb on him. Because I was annoyed at him for not letting me know when he was coming home, I let her.
He then jumped out of bed because he was tired and needed to go to the other room for sleep! (I get up every day with her and leave him to sleep, and through the night if she wakes) I was livid and called him a selfish prick and said it's lack of support that has left me so messed up (terrible anxiety).We haven't spoken since. I feel I am due an apology that clearly isn't coming. AIBU??
p.s. I then did the hovering smile

witsender Sun 20-Nov-16 20:30:13

Depends how often he goes out tbh? If it is all the time then that is one thing, if, like my husband it was a once every 6 months at the most then YABU.

He wasn't home massively late. When he got up I'd hand over baby and head to bed. You should each get a lie in at the weekend regardless.

Welshrainbow Sun 20-Nov-16 20:36:26

Agree with the previous poster if he's out every weekend the no not unreasonable but if it's once in a blue moon then it's a bit petty just because you are annoyed that he didn't let you know when he was coming back.

You always being the one to get up and do the night wakings is a separate issue though and it sounds like you need to sit down and discuss it, there's no reason why he shouldn't be helping with that at least once a week.

AndNowItsSeven Sun 20-Nov-16 20:38:04

You sound very immature letting the baby crawl on him.

NavyandWhite Sun 20-Nov-16 20:41:04

You wanted him to what ring or text you before he got home? Maybe he was pissed? Did the dog bark and wake the baby at 1am?

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Nov-16 20:45:26

He forgot to send you a text so you let the baby crawl on him and then did the hoovering?

Is that right?

Lewwat Sun 20-Nov-16 21:42:09

You don't deserve an apology OP

He was supposed to wake you at 1am to tell you he was coming home so the dog wouldn't bark.... I can understand why a drunken mind would forget that.

You were deliberately trying to wind him up this morning and wonder why he had a strop confused

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