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I appear to have been kon maried by my brother...

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frogsgoladidadidah Sun 20-Nov-16 02:50:29

We are rarely in contact other than to wish each other a happy birthday. I live 1,000 miles away. He has done this to all members of our family now except our other sister.

I feel like slapping him around the chops with a wet fish!

HeCantBeSerious Sun 20-Nov-16 02:54:36

Where on the planet are you that hatchimals are available in abundance?!

ChristmasCuddleS Sun 20-Nov-16 03:21:25

Wow! Sorry. flowers

ophiotaurus Sun 20-Nov-16 03:28:06

What does he mean by do not involve other people you know?

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Nov-16 03:28:49

What?! Does he have form for this type of dramatic shite?

SlottedSpoon Sun 20-Nov-16 03:29:03

Why is this a bad thing that he has done? I don't understand. confused

Bogeyface Sun 20-Nov-16 03:34:07

So last week he was offering to do you a favour and this week he is cutting you and everyone else in the family off, except your sister?

Sounds like a total drama llama and frankly, given you low level of contact, not one you would miss.

Has he also sent this to your parents?

Bogeyface Sun 20-Nov-16 03:35:03

Ah sorry, you offered to get him the hatchimals and he responded with "Fuck off"?

Kuriusoranj Sun 20-Nov-16 03:35:54

SlottedSpoon read the second pic (in grey) not the first.

OP, I'm sorry - this sounds like a shit of a thing to do. And I agree, it's a touch dramatic. Is there a backstory or is this out of the blue?

Bogeyface Sun 20-Nov-16 03:37:45

I would be tempted to respond with "Oh do fuck off you self obsessed drama queen" but I am not know for my diplomatic skills.

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Nov-16 03:42:38

DP's brother does this sort of thing. 'I can no longer have you in my life because you ate my breakfast cereal in 1993'. Seriously. That was actually a reason when him and DP shared a house back in their youth confused. We are all supposed to be bereft and stand around clutching our pearls wondering how we'll manage without him in our lives. Until he wants something or we all get accused of ignoring him grin.

peachesandcreamdream Sun 20-Nov-16 03:44:20

Is this for real?

Am I missing something?

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Nov-16 03:45:53

OP's message is in blue. Brother's response is in grey.

peachesandcreamdream Sun 20-Nov-16 03:55:45

I know that heman

I can't understand why he's replied in such a fashion.

It's not normal

NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Sun 20-Nov-16 03:55:56

Wow...that's a bit of a leap, isn't it?

Plus side: You save money.

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Nov-16 04:02:53

Ah sorry peach. You are absolutely right. It's not normal. If it was me, OP, I would either ignore or just reply with 'OK, if that is what you want'. And then ignore any further messages.

YvaineStormhold Sun 20-Nov-16 04:09:30

I'd reply with,

'Strange sentence construction. You sound a bit like Yoda, or a twat.


Mummyoflittledragon Sun 20-Nov-16 04:09:40

Do not involve anyone else in this who we know.

So not only does he decide to cut you dead but he's also dictating who you can discuss his decision with. Yeh right because he gets to control you even in his absence. Is he auditioning for the theatre production of THE YOUNG POPE? Sounds like it.

You really are better off without people like this in your life op. Sorry your brother sounds like a selfish idiot. I feel sorry for his kids too.

HemanOrSheRa Sun 20-Nov-16 04:12:03

Hehe! Yoda grin.

dylsmimi Sun 20-Nov-16 04:16:47

Surely you would have to involve other people - won't your parents wonder why you and your brother aren't speaking?
Very strange - it sounds like one of those facebook attention seeking messages about 'I am deleting everyone who doesn't love me/talk to me/wear yellow fr my facebook - if you don't see the next post so long' !!

lostinthedarkplayground Sun 20-Nov-16 04:34:29

I would reply,
'Soooooo, is that a 'no thanks, we have enough hatchimals'? I'll let mum and dad know you are cutting everyone off, in case they worry that they haven't heard from you. Have a great Christmas, and we'll be sure to laugh at you remember you over the turkey xxx'
What a fruit loop.

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 20-Nov-16 04:35:06

I'd be worried about him if I were just taking it at face value. Perhaps he thought you could buy the Hatchimals as a gift for your niece/nephew, for birthday/Christmas and thought it was mean of you to want the money? Other than that ... there must be a back story?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 20-Nov-16 04:38:32

confused. I'd text back "Was this meant for me?"

If he says yes, I'd speak to your parents to see if they can shed any light on it.

What a weirdo

RNBrie Sun 20-Nov-16 04:47:49

Is this sort of behaviour usual for him? I'd be really worried if I got this from my brother (who is also on the other side of the world). I'd wonder if he'd joined a cult or something because it would be so out of character.

wowfudge Sun 20-Nov-16 04:51:14

What a horrible, cowardly thing for him to do. I think you are probably better off without him if he thinks that is an acceptable way to treat a family member. Can you ring him at home and check whether it is genuine and sent by him? You say he has cut out other family members: how did he do that with them?

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