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To expect to be able to learn to windsurf at a windsurfing club?

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GeekLove Sat 19-Nov-16 15:19:14

Now the boys are older I'm looking forward to do things I haven't been able to start such as windsurfing since the beaches in the West Midlands are a bit shit.
However I can see that windsurfing clubs exist but it seems to be the devil's own job to actually join them since they seldom give details on how to join. I asked someone who does windsurf and it seems you need to be a member of some other club or have contacts already. Surely to learn to windsurf it should be enough to be able to join a club and learn to?! It just seems so pointless and complicated like they don't want new people in this sport.

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Sat 19-Nov-16 15:24:45

If the clubs are basically full, then they're probably doing enough to attract and retain members.

I've found that clubs for 'minor' sports are often run by hobbyists and do not have websites etc. So yes, you do need to talk to people and ask for a contact phone number and take it from there.

Try ringing/visiting the nearest sailing club, as they're likel to know.

CMOTDibbler Sat 19-Nov-16 15:26:56

I guess you would normally do a course at a watersports centre like this first?

witsender Sat 19-Nov-16 15:28:21

You don't need to join a club to learn. Take a course, borrow some kit etc.

EdithWeston Sat 19-Nov-16 15:31:17

This might be the wrong bit of the Midlands for you (east) but Rutland Water is a good place to learn, and club membership is not required:

GeekLove Sat 19-Nov-16 15:37:06

I might take a look at that as I'm in the worst place for water sports it seems. I get the impression that a lot of these clubs are rather cliquey. I just want to windsurf dammit, not do the equivalent of eat a bug to prove my worth.

specialsubject Sat 19-Nov-16 17:03:20

it is not an easy sport to learn and needs proper instruction. You'll certainly be 'proving your worth' by the time you've fallen in for the fiftieth straight time.

look on the RYA site - I know that stands for Royal Yachting Association but they cover all watersports, and you'll be able to search for windsurfing tuition near you. Doubt you will find any in the UK until April though.

also be aware that many clubs are volunteer run so you'll need the right attitude for that. You'll be expected to get stuff out, put it away and if you join a volunteer club, you'll be doing safety and clubhouse duties too.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 19-Nov-16 17:09:39

Are you sure you want to learn to windsurf? It's really fucking hard, and freezing cold sad

GeekLove Sun 20-Nov-16 14:13:58

I'm fond of water sports and surfing but the 3 hour drive to the nearest beach is a player. Wasn't thinking of giving it a try until sprin the anyhow. I like water sports but I'm not a maniac.

chickenowner Sun 20-Nov-16 14:17:02

I was just about to suggest Rutland Water too, my brother had windsurfing lessons there many years ago.

PowerofThree Sun 20-Nov-16 14:37:27

There is a distinction between a sailing/windsurf club which is generally for people who have already learnt the sport (or who are part of a family where some members are experience) and an RYA training centre that can offer approved tuition and issues certificates. Some clubs are also training centres but often the small ones are not or they ask you to join before doing a course (which is a bit backward as you don't know at that stage if it is for you). As a pp mentioned above the RYA website lists all the windsurf training centres.

Once you can windsurf, you can't necessarily just go out on any lake, reservoir or pond - a lot restrict watersports activities to members of a club - so most people join a club. There are different types of clubs - some are very small and can be clique-y whilst others are large business operations so it is worth visiting a few to get the feel for them before joingThat said there are places, ie: in the Lake District and on the coast where you can just launch or pay a day fee to go on the water.

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