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To be annoyed at husband borrowing money

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tohaveandhavenot Sat 19-Nov-16 08:34:57

My in laws are fortunate enough to be extremely wealthy.

My husband is often borrowing a few hundred here and there most recently 400.

I know his father does not like this as he has hinted at it before his mother however has no problem with it.

I loathe it, we often do need the money for whatever it is he is asking for however I also think that if he drinks and smokes and buys other things that are not essentials he has no right in asking for this money as it shows poor budgeting. I also hate feeling indebted to them.

He says it doesn't matter - they have loads, his dad is just a bit old school and we have never had the money for house deposits etc that his siblings got.


Fairylea Sat 19-Nov-16 08:37:07

Giving the money for a house deposit is a bit different to random amounts of money just to fritter away due to poor budgeting though isn't it? I can see why your fil is annoyed.

I wouldn't like it to be honest. I think you are right to be annoyed.

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