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To wonder when Mumsnet stopped being a place for mums?

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Fenced Sat 19-Nov-16 04:00:26

I used to frequent the site years ago and have come back recently because I became a mum again! However, whilst I am all for equality, the site seems to be full of people who aren't mums or aren't even parents! (and a good few who are journalists hunting for stories!).

I would never suggest anyone be excluded from the warmth, breadth of knowledge or bat shit crazy hysteria that the site offers, I was just wondering when it stopped being a place mainly for mums?

(I am not suggesting dads or non parents aren't welcome, just curious as to when the shift happened?).

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 04:19:14

Oh FFS this again? We have a thread every couple of weeks!

MN comes up if you google stuff quite often.

I am a non parent but I have been here for years. I don't advise on issues about children but there is plenty for me to talk about on here.

And phrases like 'whilst I am all for equality' make you sound anything but!

Parents and non parents ARE equal.

Newbiecat Sat 19-Nov-16 04:31:57

It's a fair point though Livia- the sites target users are parents. No-one is saying parents are superior to non parents but I agree with OP and I think it's a bit odd using a parenting website and not being a parent. Just my opinion tho- no direct offence intended ✌️

GardenGeek Sat 19-Nov-16 04:36:03

Im a cat mum so joined for Litter Tray

Then I ventured out into the pit wink

So YABU, sorry

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 04:37:21

But it's not just about parenting - hasn't been for years. The site targets as many people as it can.

All the other subjects are bound to attract all kinds of people - parenting is a small part of the site. It's not Netmums which is a site purely for parents.

And actually it is directly offensive to be called odd. I have met my best friends via this site and yet frequently we have (mainly) newbies starting threads about how weird it is that child free people come on here.

Do you think it's odd for people who don't have (and may never have) children through fertility issues etc to continue to use the site too?

GardenGeek Sat 19-Nov-16 04:37:21

the viper pit that is - if thats unclear

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 04:39:35

Perhaps they should only give out the website details in the maternity ward, a bit like Bounty...

I don't have an issue with people asking, but 'we are all equal but' and calling people 'odd' is just out of order!

lostinthedarkplayground Sat 19-Nov-16 04:49:30

Moldies. That's when it happened. grin
After that it was all marketing and downhill.
<waves to non-parents, cat mums, gerbils, journos, transactivists, and associated hangers-on>
<checks to see if 'for parents, by parents' tag line is still there>

But I suppose when you rely on advertising revenue, you can't be too fussy.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 04:50:56

Wow. Sorry if you have to 'put up' with us, lucky you aren't too fussy hmm

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 04:55:19

Most people on here don't give a shit if someone has children, whether it's because they can't have them, they don't want them, they are trying for them or even that they are a bereaved parent.

But there is always someone who likes to make out that any non parents are odd.

Also lumping us in with the tranactivists and journos to illustrate how it's all gone downhill? Nice. hmm

GardenGeek Sat 19-Nov-16 05:03:18


Seriously though your being ridiculous.
8/10 threads on here aren't actually about parenting.

Currently there is a thread about life changing diagnoses running. Do you think it really matters if they are a parent or not?

And why would it matter if I was a catmum with kids or a catmum with no kids? Do you really think that would make any difference to whether my cat needed to be looked after, or what advice I or others on Littertray would need.

As anyfucker would say... there is an off button.
You may leave if you like

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:05:59

And it hasn't stopped being a site for Mums - that's ridiculous!

Newbiecat Sat 19-Nov-16 05:06:05

Livia- I was clear in saying this was just my opinion and no direct offence intended (even included peace emoji!) so I'm surprised at your response. I am not looking for a heated debate, I was replying to the post and giving my thoughts.
I make no judgements on those with fertility issues.
I would like to post the Mums net "about us." blurb which does seem to indicate the target user is mainly and please note I say mainly not exclusively parents. The advertising slogan "by parents for parents " supports this. Night all

**Mumsnet was conceived in early 2000 when JustineMumsnet embarked on a disastrous family holiday. Her idea was to create a website where parents could swap advice about not just holidays but all the other stuff parents talk about.

Mumsnet by parents for parents

Sixteen years later and who'd have thought it would come to this? Mumsnet is now the UK’s biggest network for parents, with over 9.4 million unique visitors per month clocking up over 91 million page views.

Our aim is to:

Make parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support.**

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:11:12

Yes thanks for that. I have seen that.

Your comment WAS offensive though - apparently non parents using the site is odd. Just because you used an emoji after it doesn't take away the fact that it was offensive.

Why does it matter that non parents post in non parenting issues?

I get pissed off about people implying we are odd or shouldn't be here, hence the defensiveness.

MN have posted on these threads before to say that because of the breadth of topics, whilst it is a site where parents can get support etc, there are non parent related subjects and that it's fine.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:17:03

Genuine question OP - what qualifies a parent to talk about, say, medical issues, TV programmes, animal care or medical issues more than non parents?

GardenGeek Sat 19-Nov-16 05:24:52

If you click on A-Z topics you will see all the topics.
Pregnancy is twice as popular as Parenting.
AIBU Twice as popular as pregnancy and three times as popular as Parenting.

So actually if you go by the stats its a site ruled by the vipers first and the mums to be second. Sorry you are third sad

Fenced Sat 19-Nov-16 05:25:20

Nothing 'qualifies' them, and that's not really the point hmm

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:27:36

So they are as able to give knowledgeable (or not) advice to other people on those subjects? Then what's the issue? Most of us don't wade into child related threads - and child related threads are a small percentage of what makes up the site now.

MistressDeeCee Sat 19-Nov-16 05:27:39

They come on here to make horrid comments to parents, of coursesmile

CouldIHaveIt Sat 19-Nov-16 05:31:43

However, whilst I am all for equality, the site seems to be full of people who aren't mums or aren't even parents!

Shock. Horror. Aren't <gasp> mummies?!? Oh no, not the lesser people again, those ghastly, NON Parents taking liberties and posting on a site on the internet. EWWW

What does 'equality' have to with who posts on MN? Please explain.

I would never suggest anyone be excluded

Well, that's jolly good, because you'd be wasting your entitled breath.

I was just wondering when it stopped being a place mainly for mums?

Pretty much from the day it started.

(I am not suggesting dads or non parents aren't welcome, just curious as to when the shift happened?)

FFS. Do you have any idea how rude that is? It's not your site. If you don't like it feel free to use another one, but don't come on here deciding us NON PARENTS are an issue.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:36:20

CouldI Your one post was more articulate than all of mine put together grin

OP I have actually learned a lot from here about the challenges parents face and have become far more open minded as a result. Perhaps you could open your mind and your imagination too?

Fenced Sat 19-Nov-16 05:36:25

Couldihaveit - you're a bit aggressive, ain't ya?

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Sat 19-Nov-16 05:38:08

And this from the OP... grin

It wasn't a rude post, it was from someone else sick of being regarded suspiciously

Fenced Sat 19-Nov-16 05:38:37

I never said I had a problem with it, I was just wondering about it...

I don't fish, so wouldn't post on a fishing website, I'm not a guy so don't frequent men's health boards... etc! Shit like that, you know?!

5to2 Sat 19-Nov-16 05:38:41

They come on here to make horrid comments to parents, of course

True of some. Horrid comments to mums specifically, of course.

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