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AIBU to consider leaving my job?

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Gingernaut Fri 18-Nov-16 12:51:55

I fell into my job by random accident.

It's a part time night shift system support role which started off as a temporary stop gap thing.

The job is an odd rotation which is spread over three weeks eventually covering all seven days - one week in every four is free.

In theory, it's a good job. In practice, it's a nuisance, as any regular class or course is screwed as one lesson in every four is bollocksed.

The technology was decrepit, but since the system was updated, the job has changed almost beyond recognition.

I started as a bank worker, with 5 nights training, became a regular bank worker and then after the job was advertised, I was interviewed and was offered the job permanently.

I must stress my training has been fairly minimal and haphazard with large portions of it learned after I've screwed up or by email with fairly technical instructions.

I have money. My parents are dead and the estate distributed. I have paid off the mortgage and moved out to a flat across town to facilitate renovations to the house.

Finding a builder has been impossible. Too big a project for a small firm and too small a project for a large firm with no front yard, narrow access and it's a cul de sac with no turning circle.

I live in the West Midlands. A brother lives in London and is doing some work but he's got family and responsibilities and the work is relatively unplanned and piecemeal. It's done 'as and when' he can get free time.

I can't drive and am dependent on public transport. I am batting back and forth between house (checking security, picking up mail), the flat and work which is 6.5mi away. It's an hour from front door to desktop.

The night shift are isolated from the rest of the IT team and we see more of another team entirely than our own.

Morale across the whole organisation is up and down with staff shortages across the board. My team used to pride itself on its 24/7 coverage but short staffing means that doesn't always happen.

I would like to improve myself. I would like to learn to drive. I would like to concentrate on my health and well being.

My health is not brilliant. I've recently had bad news about my feet which have been extremely painful and I learned yesterday that the problem is permanent and the pain is only likely to increase.

An operation is not guaranteed to be successful, osteotomies are exeptionally painful and recovery is long and slow and may reduce mobility.

The pain has kept me awake, I'm batting between work, flat and work (15,000 steps a day minimum), trying to hold it all together and keep on top of a GCSE Maths qualification.

I've missed lessons as I've overslept blush

I suffer from chronic 'low mood' called dysthymia and have been on antidepressants since 2000.

Every now and again I try other ADs, but have suffered side effects including allergies, so have had to carry on with one tablet that causes constipation and exacerbates my hyperhidrosis.

I have allergies, asthma and a couple of skin condtions which don't react well to stress.

In the three years I've done this job, I've not taken one day off sick. I was available at short notice whilst I was on the bank and have always done more than my fair share of annual leave and sick cover.

Only once in three years have I overslept and woken up after I was supposed to be in work. That was this year too. blush

Yesterday, after a shit session with the podiatrist, I tried to sleep and failed. I got 3 hours.

Last night I screwed up again. Royally. I've created work for other team members when they could do without it.

The mistake was a simple error caused by lack of sleep/tiredness and I owned up to it as soon as I realised the extent of it.

I'm fed up.

I'm tired of the isolation, I'm tired of running around trying to keep up with it all when, in theory, I have enough cash to pay someone to deal with the house, pay for a college course, have a holiday, learn to drive and buy a small car.

All the things I'd love to do and daydream about.

I'm tired. Full stop. I need a break.

However. I'm 48. What are my chances of finding other employment?

What are my chances of retraining and successfully finding work?

I'm dreading looking at my inbox tonight. I think I've decided to resign at the end of December and make January my last month.

Am I being unreasonable?

Right now, I've got to get to bed.

I'll be up and about tonight.

Night night. sad

MumofMaya Fri 18-Nov-16 13:02:29

Sounds like you'be made up your mind and know what you have to do. I would leave and start doing all those things you want to, life's too short not to. Big hugs xx

MumofMaya Fri 18-Nov-16 13:03:21

You can always find work if you are flexible. What sort of work can you do?

Gingernaut Fri 18-Nov-16 23:11:57

I started life as a lab tech but depression and dyslexia meant I didn't gain any relevant qualifications.

As more and more graduates flooded the market, I became less able to find work although I did manage 16 years in different places.

I've temped, doing data entry and office admin.

Gingernaut Sun 18-Dec-16 22:47:15

I've resigned.

At my appraisal/resignation meeting, it was admitted to me that, yes, the job will eventually be phased out.

I've agreed to stay on until mid-January, I've let the rest of my shift know (by text, we never meet) and my boss has agreed to put me forward for the redeployment pool.

It does honestly feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

EngTech Sun 18-Dec-16 22:52:31

One step at a time as they say, brush up your Cv and look at job agencies to keep you focussed.

As for retraining? Yep, it can be done

Gingernaut Mon 19-Dec-16 00:13:37


I want to concentrate on the GCSE Maths, the house refurbishment (now I've found a builder) and recharging my batteries.

I'm happy enough to volunteer and remain on the temporary bank list for now.

I'm extremely lucky, in that I have savings to fall back on.

Thank you for your kind words

MrsDoubtfire2018 Wed 17-Jan-18 11:46:33


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