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To think that my car insurance renewal quote is very high?

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u32ng Fri 18-Nov-16 11:19:18

Been quoted £348 (annual) which is £56 up on last year. Best they can do is £335. Quoted £320 from another provider which isn't hugely different.

AIBU to think that £320/335 is a lot of money for car insurance and breakdown cover??

Or am I just living on planet wishful thinking where insurance quotes are sub £300?

What do people pay (if you don't mind me asking!)

pointythings Fri 18-Nov-16 11:24:39

Sub 300 is quite rare these days and premiums have been going up recently. Mine was £335 this year and that is with 10 years no claim discount. My mileage is quite high though, that makes a difference.

Welshrainbow Fri 18-Nov-16 11:26:48

On my address I pay 523 fully comp with 14 years no claims, I checked and in my parents address I would only be paying 200. It has gone up a lot last few years I used to only pay 132 a year.
Has crime increased in your area in last year or so?

FlyingElbows Fri 18-Nov-16 11:27:52

We're 270 for one and over 600 for the other but that's because 18 yo dd is insured to drive that one too.

Mysterycat23 Fri 18-Nov-16 11:27:54

Have you tried a comparison website? Back in the day you could trust a company to give you a fair renewal quote but these days you have to switch every single year to get the best price. Overall prices have gone up and continue to do so, it's really worth using a comparison site.

mirokarikovo Fri 18-Nov-16 11:27:57

Is that TPFT or comp?

£300ish feels fine to me but I went through a few years of paying £500-£600 after a couple of minor accidents and was pleased to be less than £400 after a few more years of incident-free driving. I also know that new drivers with no history can pay nearer £1000. You are still paying less than £1 a day.

Microwaste Fri 18-Nov-16 11:29:42

Mine's usually around £250 but a lot depends on your car, your driving history, your address, your no claims etc. I don't have an expensive car, I've no points or penalties, a low-crime area and maximum no claims, I think mine'S about as low as it can get!

PNGirl Fri 18-Nov-16 11:35:09

Mine's £235 on a car worth less than £1k, 7000 miles a year, parked on a drive, with 9 years no claims so about as low as you can get. I don't know anyone else who pays less than £300.

Eevee77 Fri 18-Nov-16 11:38:00

At PP say it could be your address? Odd that it has increased though.

Mine is £1600. I dream of the days it's £350

BarbaraofSeville Fri 18-Nov-16 11:41:25

You say your insurance includes breakdown cover - might it be better to get that separately, or is the policy offered by the insurance company good value and meets your needs? If you are OK with pay and reclaim, you can get it for as little as £40 per year, or it is included with some bank accounts - those that you pay a monthly fee for various extras.

My insurance is £230 pa but it doesn't include breakdown cover, which would probably make it more than £300 anyway and I'm early 40s in a group 2 car with a good driving record, so safe and boring in insurance company land, but only 2 years actual NCB as previously I was a company car driver so didn't have my own policy.

Leanback Fri 18-Nov-16 11:53:27

You're meant to switch providers really each year as you get a 'discount' your first year of using one company.

ijustdontknowanymore Fri 18-Nov-16 12:04:49

Mine is £325 on an old (2002) car, 8 years NCB and only 4K a year mileage. I think it does depend very much on the area you live in, but anything around £300 seems ok to me. I think I read something about insurance tax increasing this year - maybe that's the reason for the increase?

Oldraver Fri 18-Nov-16 12:12:02

I paid £180 for 16 year old car, full no claims.

OH has just been quoted £480 for his first insurance on a new car

We live in a cheap to insure area

StarlingMurderation Fri 18-Nov-16 12:19:05

My renewal quote was a ridiculous £425! But I used a comparison website, and managed to get a quote for just under £200. Once I'd reduced my voluntary excess and added all the extras like hire car, courtesy car etc etc on, it came to about £250. I'm a woman in my late thirties with 7 years no claims, probably insurance companies' ideal customer.

peggyundercrackers Fri 18-Nov-16 12:19:18

mine was just under £100 for a brand new merc... that was after getting a small amount of money back from a cashback site. ive got over 8 yrs no claims but 3 points for speeding and with my partner as a named driver.

StarlingMurderation Fri 18-Nov-16 12:19:54

Oh and my car is a decent midrange hatchback, and is 5 years old.

witsender Fri 18-Nov-16 12:21:22

Ours was 300, which is a 10 year old car, on a driveway, my protected no claims of 13 yrs and DH as named driver.

Fluffyears Fri 18-Nov-16 13:40:38

I asked why my first insurance after my test (£700)was so high as my car was probably worth £400 and was told its's not just your car they have to pay out for inan accident. If I hit a top of the range Lexus or damaged property then it would be a high claim. Obviously it came down and is now £315 for a two year old Volkswagen fully comp.

candybar007 Fri 18-Nov-16 14:45:56

Little tip for some, if you use Ms then try again with Miss.

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