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If 6 year old DS loves lego, what else would he love?

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legomatriarch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:36:35

AIBU to ask for similar-to-lego recommendations for christmas presents for my 6 year old DS? I got him a large classic lego set last christmas and he has received numerous lego "kits" over the past year for his birthday etc. I don't really see the point in getting him another box of general lego and might get him one small lego kit but was wondering what others would suggest. Any one tried knex? Or is there something else I haven't heard of?

Any suggestions appreciated!

attheendoftheday Thu 17-Nov-16 22:40:15

Meccano? I used to love this as a kid and they have more modern sets now.

legomatriarch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:40:55

Ooh thank you, that rings a bell I will look it up.

Hot Wheels? My son is five and a fellow Lego fan. He loves putting Hot Wheels tracks together and working out different challenges / races for his cars.

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 17-Nov-16 22:43:03

My 5yo Lego fan also likes mecchano.

Losgunna Thu 17-Nov-16 22:44:05

Knex is brilliant I had tons of the stuff when I was little, had hours and hours of fun with it, on my own and with my dad Mecano is also very good but maybe better when he's a little older, you can get little motors for mecano so you can make little machines that move, very exciting stuff# Hex bugs are pretty cool too as far as I can tell but a bit after my time iyswim

APMom Thu 17-Nov-16 22:44:48

One can never have enough Lego! We have so many but DS still gets them. Santa also bring me something Lego too.

legomatriarch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:45:03

Thank you all, some great suggestions here. He does have a hotwheels set and I have found it a bit flimsy but I will look again.

legomatriarch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:45:43

How do you choose new lego APMom? Do you get general sets or the specific construction kits?

Losgunna Thu 17-Nov-16 22:46:09

Also those 3d wooden puzzle things you can get are quite fun too, you know the build a dinosaur skeleton/ motorbike etc type things.

He might like air fix too but I'm guessing would probably have to be supervised with the plastic cement

Losgunna Thu 17-Nov-16 22:48:40

APMom never a truer word was written! Best Christmas present I ever got was a Hogwarts express and Gryffindor dormitory/common room Lego set.

I've still got it somewhere.

There's a reason Lego has been going so long!

mumtomaxwell Thu 17-Nov-16 22:49:14

As APMom says you can never have too much Lego!! My sons would be thrilled if every present they ever got was Lego! And it's play value is fantastic - Lego City is much better value than any of the 'labelled' stuff and mine have got into Lego Nexo Knights which is a brilliant range. Both of those ranges tend to be very good value in terms of the price/size etc.

legomatriarch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:51:37

Thanks, its good to get a recommendation for lego city as he doesn't have much of that it looks easier to build than some of the sets he has been given (Ninjago which we end up giving him a lot of help to put together).

chipstick2810 Thu 17-Nov-16 22:52:12

My son is a big Lego fan. We bought him a k'nex set for his birthday and it seems a bit too advanced for him yet, though I'm sure he will grow into it. He loves all types of building stuff, but always goes back to Lego, his train track and also his marble run.

chipstick2810 Thu 17-Nov-16 22:52:30

For his 6th birthday!

NotJimbo Thu 17-Nov-16 22:54:50

Minecraft, tho I'm not sure how that would work as a Christmas present as it's a £5 app - unless you went the whole hog of getting a console or tablet for him to play it on.

HellsBellsAndBucketsOfBlood Thu 17-Nov-16 22:55:26

I've just got laser pegs for my DS, basically light up Lego.....I think!

He saw it when we were in Costco the other day and liked it, I went back and bought it for Christmas.

It's a fire truck 30 in 1 ??

APlaceOnTheCouch Thu 17-Nov-16 22:57:14

DS loved the lego batman game when he was 6. still does

PickAChew Thu 17-Nov-16 22:58:22

k'nex is great - the ferris wheel has seats that lego minifigures can sit in!

Niaus267 Thu 17-Nov-16 23:00:12

Playmags. All day, every day. DD is 5 and adores them. Worth the cost!

HerRoyalFattyness Thu 17-Nov-16 23:01:33

My 8 year old loves knex as well as lego.

Losgunna Thu 17-Nov-16 23:02:01

pickachew I had the Ferris wheel! Sylvanian families fit quite well too... blush

WildebeestH Thu 17-Nov-16 23:02:52

I agree you can't have too much Lego but would second playmags. We also like plus plus mini.

AmeliaLeopard Thu 17-Nov-16 23:03:38

Knex is brilliant. I also loved Geomags but I might have been a little bit older than 6.

Couchpotato3 Thu 17-Nov-16 23:05:01

Geomag (pricey, but you can get it cheaper secondhand on eBay and it lasts for ever). My 15 yr old is still playing with his - like Lego, you can just keep adding to your collection and building bigger and better structures - we are now up to massive 3D geometric shapes with moving parts....

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