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To fire the painter?!

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Afternoondelights Thu 17-Nov-16 21:03:20

So after months of renovation work to the house, we are nearly done. I got a painter in to do the sitting room and hallway, I'm happy enough to paint the rest myself bit by bit. He's done the walls and ceilings and they look great but today he started on the woodwork in the hall - three internal doors, architrave and skirting. Old house so lots of layers of paint. I want satinwood but the current finish is gloss so he said he would sand it and prime it. Happy days.

The primer is peeling off the door frame. He has painted over old nails sticking out from where an old strip of draught excluder was. He actually painted over a piece of plaster that was on a bit of architrave. I'm so pissed off. He hasn't finished sanding and yet he has started applying the primer. should I a) fire him by text tonight; b) fire him in the morning after I show him the nail holes, peeling primer, etc or c) see how he gets on tomorrow?

It's so bloody frustrating, I would do a better job myself but wanted this bit of the house done properly.

Lesley1980 Thu 17-Nov-16 21:27:02

I'd say to him first & give him the opportunity to explain & fix it. If you think he is so bad you wouldn't want him to fix it then phone him & tell him why & sack him

Ahickiefromkinickie Thu 17-Nov-16 22:28:09

Have you paid him?

I would make it clear you aren't happy but I would give him a chance to fix it.

It doesn't sound good at all, from a professional painter.

I do feel a lot of tradesmen relax and get complacent about quality of work when you're not hovering and inspecting regularly.

Afternoondelights Fri 18-Nov-16 07:41:37

No haven't paid him yet. Think I'll wait til he gets here, show him the shoddy work and pay him for what he's done.

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!

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