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AIBU to feel fed up?

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AllieBomBally Thu 17-Nov-16 20:40:22

I'm 3 stone over weight, this is the heaviest I've been without being pregnant and all my clothes are too tight. I know I look a mess, so much so I hate looking at myself in the mirror. Dieting isn't working, I fall off the wagon too easily. So, I've decided to stop moaning and take the bull by the horns and I've booked my first exercise class at the local gym tomorrow after work. My DH's reaction was to moan about the money I'll be spending, no encouragement whatsoever, he just says there's nothing wrong with me which is rubbish (I'm 5'3" and 12.5 stones). I'm feeling really nervous about the class anyway, I'm convinced I'll be the fattest and most unfit person there but I'm determined to lose weight because of how embarrassed I am. AIBU to spend this money on classes and to expect some support from my DH? (It's just under £10 per class or £45 per month if I join) or am i being selfish?

Littleelffriend Thu 17-Nov-16 20:45:42

Ok there's absolutely no need to be embarrassed or nervous, there's people of all shapes and sizes at classes and tbh no one cares. If you can afford it, he's being a wanker but ten pounds a class seems ridiculous. I live in an expensive part of the country and our classes are £5. Couldn't you get a gym membership for that with classes included?

ClimbingRoses Thu 17-Nov-16 20:46:41

Do it. Join the gym. Do the classes. If anyone is watching you/looking at you they will be either
a) watching you to work out what to do (I always just look a the person in front of me not the instructor)
b) Thinking wow - we are all great - we got to the class.

No-one will be judging. if they do they are miserable fuckers and do not deserve a second of your thought

As for being the unfittest - everyone started there at somepoint. Stick with it.

My only advice - do not reward yourself with cake-cos-I-exercised. Negates the whole point. May be worth starting up myfitnesspal or some such - to keep the munchies under a bit of control.

You can do it! I promise. Go!

ClimbingRoses Thu 17-Nov-16 20:48:57

Oh, and just out of interest - could your "D"H do with losing a few pounds too? So maybe you doing something is making feel guilty/lazy/resentful that you have some get up and go.

Ignore his disparaging comments.

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