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To ask how to make Christmas magical when DH is from a different culture?

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Unwrapped Thu 17-Nov-16 11:32:25

That doesn't celebrate Xmas, so until he moved to U.K. he had no experience of it. No associations and I had to explain the traditions.

How do I get him excited about it? Our DC is a toddler and I'd like to make a big event of Christmas. Unfortunately no family nearby (and mine don't really celebrate it now) so it will just be the 3 of us. Maybe a friend or 2 for XMas dinner if we're lucky!

I'll cook a roast turkey, make them both a stocking and decorate the house (as usual) but any other ideas?

user1477282676 Thu 17-Nov-16 11:36:30

Music...start playing it now. All the jolliest and most beautiful Christmas songs.

Also,'s experiences which make us shopping on cold, dark nights or going to a nice Christmas market...having hot chocolate on the street.

Show him traditions through film and tv....maybe think of his taste in TV and movies and choose the best or funniest ones.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Thu 17-Nov-16 12:24:07

Is your DH keen to be involved?

My Dad was like your DH, the best way is for him to see it through the eyes of your toddler. So just do what traditions you want to do with your toddler, if your DH just wants to watch then fine, if he'd like to get involved that's fine too. He'll pick it up over the years as your DC gets older. My Dad is the biggest kid now in regards to Christmas! grin

GinIsIn Thu 17-Nov-16 12:33:42

My DH's family didn't really 'do' Christmas and I know he was a bit startled on our first Christmas together by my love of all things festive. I went with introducing things a few at a time each year, and explaining why that particular thing was an important part of Christmas to me. 5 years down the line and he's a fully paid up member of the Christmas jumper wearing, stocking hanging, carol singing community! grin

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