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To let dd watch TV all day

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pabstblueribbon Thu 17-Nov-16 09:54:06

This week 2 year old dd has started hitting, not listening to me, running off in public, whining over literally everything. I can't keep up.

I'm a single parent and I'm really struggling to control her at the moment. She was up from 1-5 and woke up about an hour ago. I'm exhausted. She's currently watching cbeebies and I have no intention of turning it off today.

blueberryporridge Thu 17-Nov-16 10:16:02

I would certainly let her watch it for a few hours if you need a rest. Not sure about all day though - even as a one-off. Might overtire/overstimulate her and make things worse.

When you have had a bit of a rest, can you have some quiet time with her (maybe read some stories or do some drawing etc)? And/or take her out for a good run around outside? I would make sure she gets a nap at some point too or her lack of sleep last night may come back to bite you!

Two year olds can be horrors sometimes....

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Thu 17-Nov-16 10:18:28

I would let her yes, but I'd also take her out for a good run round the park late afternoon to try to help her sleep tonight

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