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Aibu to want people to abide by my rules when flying?

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Cocklodger Wed 16-Nov-16 19:29:44

Inspired by the public transport thread.
What are your pet peeves?
These are mine and the reason I now fly FC where possible
Putting your sweaty bare feet on the back of my seat is annoying enough, but when you put them on top of my head rest, right next to my fucking head I want to cry and/or scream.
Parents with ''spirited'' kids. I get it, sometimes kids are little shits, Fact of life I guess, but on a 12hr flight seeing a 4ish yr old running up and down, knocking things over, meddling in peoples things and squealing at the top of their lungs is annoying enough. infuriating when the parents are pissing themselves laughing/ignoring said 4yr old.
People who throw things over your seat while you're asleep, food wrappers etc. this has only happened to me once I'm not sure its common but its awful. I woke up with wrappers on me, my seat and the floor in front of me....
People who loudly complain about staff service, ok things aren't going your way but leave the rest of us out of it and just talk to a flight attended.
People who complain about legroom or something else, but booked bare basic economy with no extra perks. If you want more, pay for more....
your pet peeves?
Don't flame me, I'm a sociable person really

dontpokethebear Wed 16-Nov-16 19:32:29

'Abide by your rules'?! Are you going to stand up before/after the stewards safety messages?
Perhaps with a PowerPoint presentation? Or maybe a flip chart? Although I doubt you'd be allowed a flip chart as hand luggage.

RichardBucket Wed 16-Nov-16 19:33:32

No reclining.

KickAssAngel Wed 16-Nov-16 19:34:59

Breathing. Other people should not be allowed to breath, or speak, or look at me or even exist. I hate all people when I travel (looking forward to my 8 hour flight on Sat).

A real one: bringing HUGE bags into the cabin then insisting that they need to be right above my head, where I want my bag to be. Particularly when I have all the food/entertainment for my DD in my bag, so having mine shoved to the back of the plane will result in a meltdown from an ASD kid.
Check your luggage or be prepared to have it a few millimeters seats away from you, but don't steal my space.

Cocklodger Wed 16-Nov-16 19:35:56

apologies, I didn't realize how it sounded TBH. my thread is directly inspired by a similar thread titled ''AIBU to want people to abide by my rules on public transport'' hence my title.
I don't expect anyone to actually take me seriously, having a little rant more than anything grin

Ahickiefromkinickie Wed 16-Nov-16 19:37:00

People who recline their seat during mealtimes. I always ask a crew member to ask them to move seat back to upright position.

I do like a good snooze and recline my own seat but always move it to upright during mealtimes.

maddiemookins16mum Wed 16-Nov-16 19:37:33

People who click their fingers at cabin crew.
People who gather in the space in front of the emergency leg room bit to chat as they stretch their legs (this might be unreasonable but when I'm sat there you're really invading my personal space).
Lairy stag and hen parties.
People who put bags under their seat - no, that is not how it works, it goes in front of you or up above you.
People who take an age to find their seat, stand in the aisle looking at their boarding pass then at the seat number on the locker thing, look at their boarding pass, then back at the number and then say..."is this 12a and b".

dontpokethebear Wed 16-Nov-16 19:41:15

Totally agree about the kids btw (mother to 3 unruly brats, I refuse to fly until I can rely on them to behave).

My mother claims that one time on a flight to NY, she stopped a child who was running up down the aisle, tapping the trays as she went and told her to stop and go and sit back with her parents.
Apparently the whole plane clapped. It is just the sort of thing my mum would do, but I'm not sure I believe her about the clapping....

RichardBucket Wed 16-Nov-16 19:42:20

dontpokethebear Sounds like the kind of anecdotes people put on They always end with other customers congratulating the poster on their excellent handling of the difficult person...

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 16-Nov-16 19:42:37

You do not immediately recline your young child's seat the second you are allowed to only for them to then sit upright in order to see their tv screen for the whole flight.

Do not walk across the row at front to get to the toilets when their are people sitting in them. Especially if you are going to stand on them or kick them.

dontpokethebear Wed 16-Nov-16 19:42:56

Oh jeeeeez, my dad always used to click his fingers at cabin crew/waiters etc.

It's a miracle I have turned out normal.

Cocklodger Wed 16-Nov-16 19:43:15

ah yes, the people who insist on taking the bag space from others. very dickish and means that you either go without or have to steal someone elses, so it continues until some poor fucker goes without their luggage and everyones bag is in a stupid spot. just because someone felt like being an arsehole.

dontpokethebear Wed 16-Nov-16 19:44:33

RichardBucket I'm not going to go on that site. It'll give me the rage...

yougetme Wed 16-Nov-16 19:50:32

Seat recliners . I read a good trick to stop this but you have to be quick off the mark or it wont work. At first sign of a seat heading in your direction put both your arms straight out with perpendicular hands and lock your elbows. The seat comes to a halt and the reclinee assumes thats as far as their seat goes.Aircraft seats are like that .wink

PippaPug Wed 16-Nov-16 20:00:15

If I'm sitting in the window seat don't ask if your child or you can sit there - you should of booked it if you wanted to sit there. Equally don't chuck a phone and try and film landing/taking off.

Don't walk up and down the aisle looking for your row - know it before you board the plane!

KickAssAngel Wed 16-Nov-16 20:03:19

People who spend forever getting things out of their bags before sitting down. I always have things completely organized so that I just pull out an inner bag, then put the main one out of the way, and sit down. Otherwise there are a hundred people behind you waiting to get to their seat.

btw - planes should load from the back for greatest efficiency. Drives me mad that they fill from the front.

Sparklingbrook Wed 16-Nov-16 20:04:17

People who stand up the minute the flight lands then stand in the aisle forever waiting for the doors to open.

People who spend the whole flight fannying about putting stuff in and out of the overhead lockers.

People who leave all their rubbish strewn all over the seats/floor when they leave the plane.

Mostly I hate being in such close proximity to other people and worrying that the plane will plummet from the sky though.

Kirriemuir Wed 16-Nov-16 20:12:06

People who immediately rush to board as if the plane is due to depart within about the next 30 seconds.

bertsdinner Wed 16-Nov-16 20:18:56

Faffing. They put stuff in the overhead locker and spend all the flight getting up and faffing with it.

Reclining, I like to cross my legs and stick my bony knee in their backs.

The moaning. Going on holiday this year, this couple were moaning to the cabin crew that there was a lot of cloud and they couldn't see much. They also moaned over the engine noise. Another time, a guy was really moaning over the coffee.

People who take loads of hand luggage and use all the space in the overhead locker. Some people's hand luggage looks more than my normal/hold luggage.

Bertucci Wed 16-Nov-16 20:21:44

Yes, the standing people - what's that all about?

Last long flight I was on - the woman over the aisle from me spent hours playing some sort of trivial pursuit game on her seat back screen. Every time she answered a question, she jabbed at the screen with considerable force. The poor woman in front of her, subjected to her seat being forcefully poked every 10 seconds went from mildly irritated to totally irrational and shouty. I felt really sorry for her.

Another long flight I was on - I was blissfully alone in the window seat of a '2' at the back of the plane. Until the last minute when a massively fat bloke sat next to me in the aisle seat. He was lovely but I was so squashed. We had our dinner, he said 'Wanna go potty?' to me which I (with hindsight, luckily) did. He then spent the next 6 hours completely sparked out, snoring and spread into my space whilst I sat squished into the corner.

All small children whose feckless parents think it's OK to let them kick the seat in front of them.

Selfish seat recliners - they are the worst.

aneres Wed 16-Nov-16 20:22:02

My particular bug bear is not on the plane but when collecting hold luggage. They put the yellow line around the conveyor belt for a reason, if everyone stood behind it people could see their luggage coming round and calmly step out to collect it. Instead there's always a scrum trying to get past the people who are almost on top of the conveyor belt looking for their luggage.

dingdongdigeridoo Wed 16-Nov-16 20:23:24

You lot might like this site:

Warning - there are many many pictures of gross feet.

CrohnicallyPregnant Wed 16-Nov-16 20:24:32

I liked the people I flew with last time (one of the cheapos I think). They measured your bag before you checked in, then again as you boarded the plane. So all those people who had several carrier bags filled with duty free had to either squash them into their luggage or pay to have them checked... result was everyone had space for their bags right where they were sitting. (There were signs warning people that the hand luggage allowance included the duty free, but I guess they didn't believe it)

JellyBelli Wed 16-Nov-16 20:27:21

Feet on my head? They wont be for long, I have a drink with ice.

CrohnicallyPregnant Wed 16-Nov-16 20:27:32

Oh forgot about the loading though- we paid to reserve seats, all reserved seats were in the back 3 rows. Those with reserved seats and those who paid extra for priority boarding were boarded from the front. Meanwhile to save time they also let people on from the back... cue lots of angry people telling me to just sit anywhere and us trying to explain our reserved together seats were at the back!

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