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Aibu to ask for ex karma stories

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Aussiemum78 Wed 16-Nov-16 18:43:43

Give me all your ex karma stories - I really need to hear some.

I left my abusive ex in march, he refused to leave the house so dd and I moved to my parents. He's not paid a cent to me but has since bought $3000 mountain bikes, new skis and gym equipment. He's hidden cash from his business. He's had free range to tell mutual friends crap about me because I distanced myself. He stopped bothering with his daughter while claiming victim status. He has a girl in my house, until I blocked I got to see the photos of the girl with our old friends.

It feels like he's walking away scot free and even though my family believe us about the abuse, I know I'm being slandered. I'm stuck at my parents house until our house settles. No dates when you work full time and are left dealing with a traumatised daughter.

I keep waiting for karma and I know it's coming but a few stories will amuse me while I wait.

Olympiathequeen Wed 16-Nov-16 18:57:39

My BILs ex was a total nightmare. Narcissistic, controlling, sexually incontinent, demanding etc etc.
Her last 'fling' she decided would be a better bet than BIL so she chucked him out (again) at Christmas and moved her latest in. Then demanded BIL sign the house over to her while continuing to pay the bloody mortgage.
Throughout the marriage she demanded endless foreign holidays that he would pay for as she 'needed space from him'.

Anyway she died following complications from a DVT on her latest holiday 'with the girls' paid for by her BF. Not pleased anyone dies of course, but as she put 'karma' on FB on hearing BIL had a heart attack because he wouldn't sign over the house, I couldn't help but shock

BIL made a complete recovery, married a lovely girl, and lives in a lovely house in his home village and is very happy after 15 miserable years. Karma indeed.

Aussiemum78 Wed 16-Nov-16 19:00:13

I'm not sure I want him to die but in my darkest moments....

I would love it if he was found out and people stopped thinking he's a good guy. Good guys don't punch their daughters in the face. 😡

c3pu Wed 16-Nov-16 19:11:06

My kids mum lied and cheated the relationship into the ground. Luckily I managed to escape with a (shit) house but then had to watch as she moved a new bloke into my old bed within 12 hours of me calling it quits. He didn't last and was quickly replaced with what seemed like an endless string of guys, including but not limited to peadophiles and drug dealers.

After a lot of pain and heartache I overturned the residency situation and I feel I well and truly had the last laugh.

I do realise in reality she was a very vulnerable person and her mental health was in dire straits so it's hardly a stunning triumph of good over evil... Sure felt good at the time though.

piglover Wed 16-Nov-16 19:17:12

When my ex and I got together, she had huge debt and was working and couldn't really pay it off. Once she was with me, she went back to college (for 6 years!) so didn't work at all, and I paid off her debt, getting into the worst debt I'd ever got into as I did so. She then left me to be with someone whose child she was teaching. This person then gave up her job and expected my ex to support her and two kids on her rather meagre teacher's salary. They split up very acrimoniously, quite a lot to do with money, 8 years later. Meanwhile, I got a massive pay rise (and met the love of my life.) So courage - it really was the perfect karma.

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