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To cancel plans tonight as nothing to wear...

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Electrolens Wed 16-Nov-16 16:56:17

...and I think I might fancy the person I'm meeting?

BrillianaHarvey Wed 16-Nov-16 16:58:19

Yes. Your options are
1. Rush out and buy something.
2. Talk us through available outfit options.
3. Wear nothing.

BorpBorpBorp Wed 16-Nov-16 16:59:49

Cancel plans. Invite person to your house instead. Dress code is pyjamas.

Electrolens Wed 16-Nov-16 17:08:31

Ha! Already feeling better.

I have a new dress to wear with black tights and boots but now I'm worried it's a) too tight b) too flimsy and c) I don't even know how it manages to be both those things at once

Boundaries Wed 16-Nov-16 17:10:02


DontTouchTheMoustache Wed 16-Nov-16 17:10:14

If you fancy the person I don't understand how it can be too tight (but then again I am a bit slutty)

Electrolens Wed 16-Nov-16 17:21:08

It's this

humblesims Wed 16-Nov-16 17:23:50

Its fine! Wear it and go!

Chocoholicmonster Wed 16-Nov-16 17:24:08

Not what I was expecting at all when I clicked on the link! It's lovely smileWear it tonight with confidence & have a lovely time.

BabyGanoush Wed 16-Nov-16 17:25:44

Wear it and go have fun

If you cancel he'll think you are just not that into him shock

Monochromecat Wed 16-Nov-16 17:26:22

It's very pretty and stylish. Have fun smile

Eebahgum Wed 16-Nov-16 17:27:46

That dress is lovely. Stop making excuses and go. Hope you have a great time.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 16-Nov-16 17:28:08

That's a lovely dress, I might buy it myselfgrin
you'll look great.
report back as I'm nosey

Boundaries Wed 16-Nov-16 17:28:34

It's cute! You could probs wear it over jeans if you want to feel more casual.

leaveittothediva Wed 16-Nov-16 17:28:45

Get done up, and get the hell out the door, this looks stunning. Enjoy. grin

Purplepicnic Wed 16-Nov-16 17:28:54

Have you a long cardigan to wear with it? Will cover you up a bit until you get drunk relax and then you can take it off.

Graphista Wed 16-Nov-16 17:32:42

Cold feet is all you'll be fine! What kind of event is it?

RavioliOnToast Wed 16-Nov-16 17:32:48

What about a blazer too?

The dress is really nice. Where are you off? Bars/food?

LetsAllEatCakes Wed 16-Nov-16 17:37:40

If you've got it flaunt it. If you purchased the dress and liked it before then I'm sure you've got it.

Electrolens Wed 16-Nov-16 17:47:03

Thank you. I'm going to wear a coat/boots but long cardi good idea. Drinks, comedy, then maybe more drinks...

MikeUniformMike Wed 16-Nov-16 17:51:05

Enjoy yourself. The dress is lovely - I expected something -tarty- flimsy.
Do let us know how you got on.

TheNaze73 Wed 16-Nov-16 17:59:35

You'll look fab, enjoy your evening

Boundaries Wed 16-Nov-16 18:02:29

Jesus. I shit you not. I clicked on the link and less than 10mins later this pic appeared on my FB feed.

UnsuccessfullyAdulting Wed 16-Nov-16 23:53:17

How was it, OP?

Electrolens Thu 17-Nov-16 23:19:13

Not quite as planned! But ok...I felt good in my thank you all for making me go...and didn't drink too much grin it's a bit complicated but we had a good time and we will be seeing each other again soon...

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