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Nursery safety

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lola111 Wed 16-Nov-16 13:09:25

My Dc2 goes to a private day nursery.It is situated on a site with a primary and secondary school.As well as being a nursery the setting has wrap around and holiday care for children up to their 13th birthday.They have a fab outdoor playground with lots of equipment.There is one table item of equipment which is very unique and popular with children of all ages and one of the main reasons thay still draw older children.The trouble is it has deteriorated to the extent where it is clearly not safe especially for the older heavier children.I have flagged this up with the setting who have shown me the certificate for their annual safety check.I can remember this piece of equipment being dismantled for about a week in the summer.I think they might have hidden it whikle the inspection was on.I can't prove this .If this equipment fails it could lead to very serious possible life changing industry.Is there anyone else I can go to?

lola111 Wed 16-Nov-16 13:10:50

not 'table ' equipment 'outdoor play equipment

givemushypeasachance Wed 16-Nov-16 13:24:22

If you are concerned about the safety of children at a nursery and the owner/staff haven't responded satisfactorily to your concerns, I would contact Ofsted. You can phone them on 0300 123 4666.

Ofsted aren't a "complaints service" for nurseries so you won't necessarily hear what (if anything) is done, but if they receive information which suggests children are at risk then they should investigate. Depending on the severity of the concern they might write to the provider and ask for a report, or they might do an unannounced visit to check what is going on. If they find something wrong and have to take enforcement action, details of the action should be published on the Ofsted website next to the nursery inspection reports.

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