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To think that jelly counts as liquid intake?

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00100001 Tue 15-Nov-16 19:07:06

My friends little one is poorly and is refusing to drink, so I suggested thay sje should give her some jelly. Most kids I have dealt with when they're poorly will eat jelly quite happily.
My friend looked at like I was an idiot, and then I explained that it is just liquid that has been set... No, she refused to "believe" me and said I was being daft confused

MrsHathaway Tue 15-Nov-16 19:11:23

I'm with you, Binary.

See also: melon.

Mummyshortlegz Tue 15-Nov-16 19:12:21

Liquid content in food definitely counts.

KermitRuffinsTrumpet Tue 15-Nov-16 19:12:37

That's a cracking idea..I'd have never thought of that. Must remember it. Also ice lollies can help, particularly if they've got a sore throat. We use home made frozen juice ones.

ViewBasket Tue 15-Nov-16 19:15:12

Do the other ingredients such as sugar and gelatine make a difference to how much liquid the body takes in from jelly? A bit like salt water is a liquid but is not helpful to drink.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Tue 15-Nov-16 19:15:36

Jelly does count.

That, ice cream and fruit are often suggested by HCP for getting fluids into poorly children who are refusing to drink.

lowcrabdiet Tue 15-Nov-16 19:16:24

I used to be a member of a sports club and for people who couldn't drink enough water to hydrate before a tournament watermelon and/or jelly was recommended.

My son also used to get terribly dehydrated and would refuse to drink. I swear some weeks it was the jellies that kept him alive!

BenguinsMummy Tue 15-Nov-16 19:16:47

IT definitely counts as a liquid for intake purposes.... My sons dietician tells me to write down jelly as a liquid as when it's swallowed the heat from your body more or less melts it and allows to the body to process it as a liquid iyswim?

mikeyssister Tue 15-Nov-16 19:21:32

Yoghurts also count as fluid according to our local children's A&E

hobnobsaremyfave Tue 15-Nov-16 19:22:55

Patients who are on a fluid restriction are only allowed limited jelly

CMOTDibbler Tue 15-Nov-16 19:26:43

Jelly does count. Ice lollies are great when they are being sick as its a little bit of liquid at a time so less likely to come straight back up

e1y1 Tue 15-Nov-16 19:28:28

I'm with you.

What does she think ice lollies/icecubes are?

ChillieJeanie Tue 15-Nov-16 19:37:36

We couldn't get enough fluids into my Grandad even with frequent reminders to drink - he had dementia so was always forgetting about the cup of tea beside him, and he kept getting UTIs because he was effectively getting dehydrated. The GP recommended jelly as a means of upping his fluids.

abbsismyhero Tue 15-Nov-16 19:43:37

Yup jelly counts as does slush puppies according to a doctor

minisoksmakehardwork Tue 15-Nov-16 19:45:50

Jelly is a liquid. I've a relative who has granules added to her drinks so they can be spoon fed easily as she struggles swallowing just liquid.

YoHoHoandabottleofTequila Tue 15-Nov-16 19:50:11

It does count, as do yoghurts.

Essexmum69 Tue 15-Nov-16 19:59:01

My Vet assures me cucumber is good for fluid intake as well (we have an elderly guinea pig that gets most of his water from his food!)

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