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To skip a week?!

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Msqueen33 Tue 15-Nov-16 18:23:34

So my mum joined a slimming club a while back with a friend and recently the friend hasn't been going so she asked me if I wanted to. I thought it would be the push I needed. Anyway club is 20 minutes away. I drop my dd at nursery for three hours so it takes up most of my morning but is nice to spend time with my mum.

Last week I missed it. Two children with autism and one doesn't sleep and was up all night so when we fell asleep at 6am husband let me sleep and took the older two DC to school. He didn't realise I was seeing my mum and she went mad I'd slept through and not rang her. She rang my mobile which as always at night is on silent.

Come to this week she wants me to go but can't do anything with me as she is spending the day with her friend. So I'd be doing driving twenty minutes there and back for just a weigh in when I could be possibly meeting a new friend for coffee.

AIBU to say I'll go next week? She's a pain in the ass depending on her mood and I could be walking on egg shells but I'm not sure I want to waste my time this week as I only get a few hours a week off and if my mum isn't going I'll have to drive up behind her.

Cricrichan Wed 16-Nov-16 07:55:01

Yanbu! Can't you go to a more local slimming world and get your mum to come to you in future?

Msqueen33 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:17:23

I have suggested that to my mum and she's said maybe after Christmas as she likes the leader and I do aswell but I'd rather not drive all that way for her to go off with a friend after. Glad I'm nbu. I can never tell with my mothher

Ahickiefromkinickie Wed 16-Nov-16 09:20:40

YANBU at all. She expects you to drive to her when she isn't even free for a coffee afterwards.

Just tell her you can't make it this week.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 16-Nov-16 10:30:00

20 minutes drive - all that way? Where do you live that a 20 minute drive is an issue? Not being goady - just wondered. 20 mins in a town isn't too bad . 20 mins in the country is fairly normal. Have lived in both so wondering where 20 mins is an issue.

On the diet side - will it not be beneficial to have the official weigh in to keep you on track?

On the social side/relationship with Mum - you can say no.

UrethaFranklin Wed 16-Nov-16 11:22:00

Also I don't which club you belong to but don;t you have to pay for missed week anyway? In which case you might as well go. Do you only go for the weigh in, don;t you stay to the group?

FetchezLaVache Wed 16-Nov-16 11:26:42

I'd be skipping it permanently. It sounds like a drain on your time and energy. If you really want to do a club, you can find one that's more convenient for you! Your mum's a big girl, she doesn't need her hand holding - if her friend can't make a week, she either goes on her own or she doesn't bother. Why should you go to all that effort when your mum drops you when her friend CAN make it?

Thefitfatty Wed 16-Nov-16 11:28:01

YABU to think 20 minutes is a long way..... hmm

Ahickiefromkinickie Wed 16-Nov-16 11:48:52

A 20 minute drive can be long for some. Everywhere I go day to day, including work, is around 5-10 minutes drive.

Having to travel 20 minutes for a weigh-in would annoy me. My local Slimming World is on my road.

Msqueen33 Wed 16-Nov-16 13:23:23

It's probably a little over 20 mins. It's not a huge drive 20 minutes each way. It is when my dd is only in nursery for three hours so it's my only free time as it were.

We'll look to a more local club but she originally signed up with a friend. She's also now working next week so it'll be a there and back job then too which is annoying. As I'd ear marked it as time to spend with my mum. Plus if she's not going to hang about I'd rather sleep. My youngest has special needs and doesn't sleep at night.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 16-Nov-16 15:58:20

Fair enough 40 mins out of your 3 hour nursery allotment does make sense as wasting precious time. She should definitely be travelling to you!

Good luck with the wight loss too.

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