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Mental health nursing uni interviews

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Nursedreams Tue 15-Nov-16 17:48:33

Hi, I have a mental health nursing interview coming up. I am a mature student with little experience ( bar a small amount of vol work)
And I know competition is rife, has anyone been through this experience who could help me out on what to revise on? Tia

MotherOfBeagles Tue 15-Nov-16 19:29:30

hi, ive not been through it but i work in a college supporting students through this process. things to look at are whats the format of your interviews? is 121, group work, scenarios etc

look online for example questions and work out rough ideas for answers in your head, try not to write full answers that sound canned

the key is just to keep talking, they want to see how you think and deal with situations - noone expects you to be an expert - more that you have the core skills that can be built on and adapted.

get yourself on some student forums, loads of people on there been through interviews - doesnt have to be just 18 year olds!

sorry if thats no use! just felt bad noone else had replied

debka Tue 15-Nov-16 19:36:33

I'm just finishing my adult nursing degree.
I would say make sure you clue up on current affairs in MH nursing and be prepared to discuss them. Think about the 6 Cs and how they apply to you. Your lack of experience isn't necessarily a problem- you can make up for it on enthusiasm. As the pp said, think about transferable skills such as communication, teamworkING, leadership. Show commitment to MH nursing as well as demonstrating you understand what it is. Be prepared to tell them why you want to be a MH nurse. And make sure you talk about person-centred care too!
Best of luck!

Nursedreams Tue 15-Nov-16 20:36:25

Hey thanks for the responses.
Format of the day is maths test 12 q in 10 mins, and English test 20 mins to write essay. The interview itself is one to one, I work better in a group as I recieved a conditional offer already from a different uni so I did do well. Already learnt about 6 c s . I think for me it's about what makes me stand out from other applicants, this one is my preferred choice and only 20percent of applicants get offers. I will give it 100 percent though, I won't give up until I get the place I don't want to do any thing else career wise 😊

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