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To just go out and buy an e-cig against DHs wishes?

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Twalls Tue 15-Nov-16 14:13:55

I am desperately wanting to stop smoking but I think my addiction will not be cured by the use of patches etc because I'll still crave the act of actually smoking.
A couple of friends showed DH and I their e-cigerettes and we liked them and thought it would be a good way to stop smoking. This was last year.

We've been fannying about for months saying we're going to buy one but we never have - instead we're spending a fortune on tobacco.

A few weeks ago I came down with the flu, felt ill, could barely breathe because of my chest so told DH that I'd had enough and I would buy an e-cig at the weekend. He said no, HE would buy us one on ebay. Everything has to come off ebay - he's obsessed with it.

So I waited and waited, two weeks later, he'd still not ordered one so I said again that I'd just go to shop and buy one. He said no, he was getting us one on ebay.

Numerous cigerettes and tobacco pouches later - still no e-cig so I told him if he didn't buy us one by the weekend, I will be going out to buy one myself.

He ordered one. It has arrived today and is nothing at all like what I wanted, it looks like a little box with a pipe on it!!! apart from that, it has no liquid with it so I'll be waiting another fortnight to get the liquid which will obviously have to come from ebay.

I'm sick of waiting for everything to come off ebay. This was £40 so it's not even as though it's cheap! AIBU to just say bollocks to it and go out and buy an e-cig and put a stop to my gross habit right now? He won't be happy but I feel I've been patient.

FannyWisdom Tue 15-Nov-16 14:16:39

They sell a pack for £20 from amazon.
All you need to start vaping.

The little box, is it wood with a glass pipe? (The one for weed)

Twalls Tue 15-Nov-16 14:18:41

No it's metal, looks like a giant lighter.

FannyWisdom Tue 15-Nov-16 14:22:27

It could be one of those hipster type pipes grin

I used champix to quit for 5 years (started again) I would use those next time too.

Try the vape kit, you can cover the £20 the first week.

JagerPlease Tue 15-Nov-16 14:22:40

Most supermarkets/newsagents will sell a starter kit for the ones that are the same shape as a real cigarette for around £20. Refills can then be bought at shops or online (probably including ebay). Just go for it

mumonashoestring Tue 15-Nov-16 14:27:50

He's sort of done you a favour - the kind of vape kit you're describing is the more powerful, better quality kind that you can use more types of liquid with. Most of them are temperature controlled too. The liquid can come from any vape shop, stall, plus a lot of newsagents etc.

If you need something quick though, B&M are selling vape pens for about £8 at the moment with the liquid for £2.99 (have also seen the liquid in Poundland recently though!).

Dontneedausername Tue 15-Nov-16 14:29:00

Find a local vape shop and ask in there. The problem with the kits from the chemist etc is usually that you have to buy specific cartridges with them which will end up pretty expensive!
Be sure to say you just want a starter, basic kit. No sub-ohm stuff. There's a good range of Eliquid on
If you're stuck, pop over to the stop smoking topic, there are loads of helpful vapers in there smile

toastytoastbear Tue 15-Nov-16 14:29:54

Of course you're not unreasonable, you're an adult confused

Allergictoironing Tue 15-Nov-16 17:51:19

E-Bay rules are that you can't sell e-liquid that contains nicotine, so anything he buys from there won't help anywhere near as much as a liquid with nicotine in.

Come over to the Stop Smoking forums here (under health) - there's loads of friendly mumsnetters who vape and hang out there smile

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