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To be pissed off with dh?

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Zaramohito Mon 14-Nov-16 09:23:57

I've got a horrible cold, and I've been up half the night with a miserable toddler who has also had a horrible cold for over a week.

On Saturday dh went to bed for 3 hours to nap with the toddler while I took ds1 out for the afternoon.

On Sunday morning I took ds1 out for the remembrance parade then went to bed with the toddler. I need to say the reason we both went to bed during the day is that the toddler isn't napping or sleeping well with this cold but will nap if you lie next to him.

Dh went shopping (I usually do all shopping), I gave him a list, he lost the list so has bought nothing for meals in the week and we have a load of random stuff we don't use. So in other words I still need to go shopping now.

Last night the house was a tip so we is an hour blitzing it. I did upstairs he did downstairs.

Downstairs is still a shit tip. Ok so he picked up toys but literally all the kitchen worktops are filthy, there are loads of bits of paperwork lying about, microwave is filthy were HE splattered food in it, sink and drainer are filthy, there are bin bags shoved behind the fruit bowl. There's just mess and dirt everywhere.

Ok I could clean it all up in an hour today but why not just do it properly?

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