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To be sick of the rubbish that youtubers fill our DCs with?

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Rantyrantranty Mon 14-Nov-16 01:00:43

I've always had my doubts but DD13 loves YouTube and I usually let her make her own judgements. However after conversation with DD19 tonight about what some of the more well known youtubers have been pushing and a request from DD13 for jars of coconut oil for xmas I've had enough

To give a few examples, DD13 follows a woman who has told her viewers time and again that soap is toxic and they should wash head to toe in coconut oil. Another she follows according to DD19 is plant based which basically means she has to manage her diet very meticulously and at great cost to avoid being malnourished but encourages her teen viewers to do the same. Lastly DD19 told me about a youtuber who did a 'period routine' confused in which she told her young viewers not to wear voluminous mascara on days when they had their period.. that light makeup was best hmm

Anyone else with me on this?

LilQueenie Mon 14-Nov-16 01:04:20

kind of agree but it depends on how taken people are to blindly follow advice in the first place. I would buy coconut oil though its great for loads of things including glossy hair.

Rantyrantranty Mon 14-Nov-16 01:06:04

More than happy to buy DD coconut oil but not on the premise that soap is the devil! smile

LucyBabs Mon 14-Nov-16 01:08:57

Why do you allow your 13 year old access to YouTube? Unlimited and unsupervised internet is not good.. You're her parent not the nut jobs on YouTube

Quietlygoingmad67 Mon 14-Nov-16 01:13:16

I think I can guess who the youtubers are that you are referring to! The lady that follows a plant based diet does not actively encourage her viewers and this is a small section of her videos! I would suggest you watch some and don't necessarily take your dd19s word for it especially if she doesn't like the youtubers or thinks her sister is being silly.

user1477282676 Mon 14-Nov-16 01:18:06

It's a good way to open up discussions. My DD is 12 and since watching youtube, she's begun to make a lot of her own cosmetics. She wouldn't have done it without the tutorials.

She's also learned an awful lot about society and about subcultures. She's obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race and to be honest, I'd rather she watched drag queens dancing and competing than Pretty Little Liars and some of the awful, violent shit that many her age watch.

At least RuPaul and the queens from his show have good work ethics.

hateadulting Mon 14-Nov-16 01:20:19

There was a programme on recently, BBC I think called 'clean eatings dirty secret' and it outed a few famous youtubers who were claiming to be nutritionists. I think there was one woman in oz who has been brought to court as she claimed her diet cured her of cancer or something (don't take my word for this)? shock

All these youtubers had tons of young followers who looked up to them and they were obsessing about calories and weighing food etc. It's shocking to think about the power they have on young minds!

LouisvilleLlama Mon 14-Nov-16 01:21:20

I remember a story of a YTer pretending he found a site where you could do like a roulette thing where players gamble items the higher the item value the more chance you have to win. Turns out he part owns the website and was able to manipulate the returns so he won more.

But yes every big YTer has their own merchandise, PewDiePies newest game was a farce so people would watch adverts and options for micro transactions which were ultimately useless. The game had no depth.

notangelinajolie Mon 14-Nov-16 01:37:22

Oh my goodness yesssss!!!!! DC3 follows several beauty bloggers and some young American couple with a young toddler and a baby on the way who in my opinion are seriously neglecting being good parents by pushing a camera in his face all the time At Tesco last week she asked if I would buy her pickled gerkins. Gawd knows which blogger is recommending those.

Ahickiefromkinickie Mon 14-Nov-16 01:57:19

I think there was one woman in oz who has been brought to court as she claimed her diet cured her of cancer or something (don't take my word for this)

You're right, hateadulting, the woman lied about having cancer and claimed her diet cured her. Even though she knew real cancer victims were rejecting medicine to follow her diet, she maintained her deception. She's either deluded or hugely egotistical.

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Mon 14-Nov-16 02:26:30

I find a lot of the popular YT "content providers" troubling. Particularly the vegan ones who go after other youtubers and rip them to pieces for their diet. Freelee The Banana Girl is one particular example - she tears into young women for their diet, calling them all kinds of names for eating chicken or dairy. She has a huge teen fan base and the majority of her viewers are teens.

I also find some family vloggers (also popular with teens) worrying. I even started a thread about it last week.

Be careful with all that coconut oil, my friend had to have a lot of expensive plumbing work after her DD used it to excess and it clogged the drains.

cocoabuttersosoft Mon 14-Nov-16 02:46:17

Be careful with all that coconut oil, my friend had to have a lot of expensive plumbing work...

Until the end of that sentence, I read that as a euphemism for some kind of surgery to remedy the health problems caused by coconut oil! shock grin

<out of it with pain atm>

Housewife2010 Mon 14-Nov-16 06:56:04

I know who the period routine blogger is - talk Becky talk. She has about 6000 routines (e.g. Autumn Period weekend routine) and it seems to be a full time job for her coping with her period.

orangeterry Mon 14-Nov-16 07:11:19

Seasonal routines for your period ? hmm
I've heard it all now !

I'm intrigued though ...

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Mon 14-Nov-16 07:29:19

cocoa Ha! CoconutVag, brand new from Holland and Barrett.

The routine videos are HILARIOUS. So many people seem to have a huge array of "routines" which they seemingly only stick to for 2 weeks. Pre Autumn routine, pre autumn cleaning routine, pre autumn vag cleaning routine, pre autumn water drinking routine, pre Autumn make up routine, pre Autumn going out routine, pre Autumn opening the door to Amazon delivery man routine.
Then reset for
Autumn routines
Pre Halloween routines
Halloween routines
Bonfire night routines
November routines
Thanksgiving routine
Black Friday routines
Advent routine
Pre winter routines
Christmas routine
New year routine
Never ending

I'm off to perform my morning "having a shit routine."

HI GUYS excited wave and sigh
Really sorry for no video last week, I was just sooooooo busy watching a box set and worrying about the lack of tartan in Primark.
Anyway, I'm here today to bring you my morning shit routine. It's just like sooooo important to my day.
I filmed a little montage for you and of course I've set it to ukulele music.

So here you can see me here, a 27 year old woman, in my totally relatable bed with my bedding which appeals to pre teens in my Cookie Monster pyjamas. Look at me yawning as I wake up (ahaha I'm so carefree) with a face full of make up and a grin fulled by my bank account full of your money which you've given to me for spinning old rope.

NOW when I wake up, I don't know about you but my vegan bum just feels really full - if you're not plant based then let us know in the comments so my fans can rip you to shreds. I crack out a fart, lift up the duvet and if it is really chronic I know it's time to have a shit.... AND ON. With 17 products in the first 3 mins and no advertising standards guidelines being met what so ever

Tarla Mon 14-Nov-16 07:56:56

DoYouRemember grin grin grin

My DC are still in the phase of watching grown-ass adults with stupid names (Miss Hands, Ellie Sparkles) opening blind bags and playing with toys. "Wow you guys! This one is really rare!" Yeah, and an actual child could have fucking had the joy of finding it if you weren't using them all in your videos.

specialsubject Mon 14-Nov-16 09:28:10

Teach her some sodding science and to ask for evidence, there are campaigns on this. The beauty 'industry' peddles horseshit and it is never to early to learn that it is all lies. Some slap-coated fuckwit prancing about on YouTube is an object of derision, not a guru.

lthough society and mn pushes the idea that it is feminine to be thick, it isn't.

Temporaryname137 Mon 14-Nov-16 09:31:34

I was at a party last week and the 9-11 year old girls' dance routines were quite eye opening (to me and some of their mums!). I presumed that they had all been watching dancing on YouTube.

Fortitudine Mon 14-Nov-16 09:59:46

Justinbobby I think you're on to a winner there!

Softkitty2 Mon 14-Nov-16 10:22:44

I am a youtube watcher of vloggers/bloggers.. I watch home, beauty, lifestyle and fashion and I do enjoy it. However, it is absolutely shocking. Youtubers spend so much money on hauls.. The thing of the moment are designer handbags, clothing and shoes thousands of ££££ spent on chanel, guccis, louis vuitton etc.. Everyone is promoting luxury beauty items which I am a fan of but as a young impressionable teen I can see how it can be difficult to want these things and not realise that everyday working people cannot afford designer handbags every month or have money to buy expensive candles..

I know these youtubers work hard and some of them are very good enterpreneurs, I suppose they are in the business of spending in order to earn but it is totally unrealistic imo.

GladAllOver Mon 14-Nov-16 10:35:09

Why are you leaving it to your older daughter to monitor the young one's YouTube use?
That is YOUR job. Do it!

atticusclaw2 Mon 14-Nov-16 10:40:49

These people make hundreds of thousands of pounds doing this and so it is in their interest to come up with more and more content to keep their subscriber numbers high. DH has a friend whose 19YO daughter has made nearly half a million quid filming herself trying on outfits.

JellyBelli Mon 14-Nov-16 10:42:30

You have to give young children a bullshit detector and not let the TV be their guru.

Housewife2010 Mon 14-Nov-16 11:49:23

Many of the successful youtubers are not paying for the items. There are a lot of Asos/Primark/Space NK/Cult Beauty hauls. IMO gift vouchers are involved. Lily Pebbles seemed to have a lot of West Elm and Jo Malone items at her wedding. She didn't declare them as AD but I bet she didn't pay for them.

Shannaratiger Mon 14-Nov-16 12:07:06

You have to teach them that just because they see it on YouTube doesn't mean they have to copy it.
Eg. Ds 10 likes DaveHax he actually does some really great stuff and some I have used. However although making coke jelly that looks exactly like a bottle of coke looks great, I'm not buying 18 packs of gelatine and going through the time hassle to make it. Ds understood and just enjoys watching it.
Important life lesson, just because someone else does it doesn't mean you have to.

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