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to read the Daily Fail for shits and giggles

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Note3 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:05:40

The latest one to tickle me (though admittedly slightly irk me too) is their article on fat babies.

I have one of said 'fat' babies. The article is hilarious as it says there is a generation of 'sumo' babies occurring due to parents weaning them too early and pureeing junk food for them, then in the next breath it mentions babies being born obese at birth...which is nothing to do with weaning!!

Two of my babies have fallen into the obese at birth category allegedly. I am a size 8-10. In one pregnancy I ate like a pig, in my most recent I could barely eat anything and was very thin and unwell yet still had a baby off the growth charts. All my children have been solely BF and BLWd at 6 mths whilst continuing to be BF. According to the article they should be nice and petite...well fuck me they didn't get that memo. My youngest has more rolls than a bakery, her boobs could do with some support when she dances and she's outgrown some 2-3 year old clothes at the ripe age of 11 mths. She's never had junk let alone early weaned on pureed junk so the Daily Fail once again need to check their blanket stereotyping. Admittedly it irks me to see her size labelled as obese when she barely eats anything and has been this big on breast milk only.

Gotta come clean...I read the first three paragraphs then straight to comments as usual...and it didn't disappoint grin

PurpleMinionMummy Sun 13-Nov-16 22:09:34

Yanbu. I often have a nosey for entertainment purposes grin

Note3 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:21:13

Purple - admit it...I bet you also jump straight to comments on some articles?? There are some I literally don't even read the first paragraph lol

SausageSoda Sun 13-Nov-16 22:24:51

I have the DM online app purely so I can read the comments. I flit between finding them funny and feeling sad about how bigoted, narrow-minded and bitter a substantial proportion of posters seem to be.

gunting Sun 13-Nov-16 22:25:17

I read that article. My DS was an obese sumo baby as spoken of in the daily fail. He was also blw at 6 months... perhaps I can get him onto a baby boot camp? I'm sure the DM will post sad face before pics of him.

Note3 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:51:57

Gunting - they could pose for fat sad baby pictures together!
Have to say I adore the way the readers mark the sad faces and although I haven't seen it for a while you'd get a particularly 'gritty' story with a comment asking "but all things considered how much is their house worth?" grin

Trills Sun 13-Nov-16 22:53:56

They get the ad revenue no matter what your intentions.

You may think what you are doing is harmless but you are funding their business.

So if you think that what they do is harmful, your behaviour is inconsistent with that belief.

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