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Aibu to be cynical about nutrimum/Danone

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captainproton Sun 13-Nov-16 06:42:46

As a BF peer supporter this article makes my blood boil. Oh how convenient that you chose to highlight a story about a mum who chose to stop BF at 6 months, presumably to go on and buy Cow and Gate or Aptamil follow on formula.

And why is it ok to say that mums who feed a child up to age 2 is extended breastfeeding? BF is supposed to be normal up to the age of 2, even if our UK society has been brainwashed to think otherwise.

This is not a formula bashing thread. Honestly FF or BF it's up to you. But mums who BF being subtlety steered into FF by a supposedly pro-BF brand of a well known formula manufacturer really rule me.

About a year ago one of my Facebook friends shared a nutrimum article about how dads should give their babies a bottle (didn't stipulate it being BM or FM) in order to give BF mums a break. Yet any true pro-BF brand would never suggest that for a new mum trying to establish breastfeeding as it may interfere with supply and cause possible nipple confusion.

captainproton Sun 13-Nov-16 06:44:22

Sorry my chubby thumb hit post too soon. Danone own formila brands like Cow and Gate.

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