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AIBU to want to share with you all....

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..... that my big brother is a sergeant in our lical police force and earlier this tear recieved a bravery award.

As a result, he has been asked to join the Honour Guard, and will be marching in the civil service contingent in the rememberance parade in London tomorrow. He will then have to 'guard'the cenotaph.

I'm so proud I could burst! And just wanted to share smile


Excuse my typos.... stupid phone!

Nicketynac Sat 12-Nov-16 23:08:13

smile Good for him!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 12-Nov-16 23:08:49

Wow. That's amazing. Share away Well done to Peopleeaters brother. star

Buzzardbird Sat 12-Nov-16 23:10:19

Fantastic, I would be proud too,

AlpacaLypse Sat 12-Nov-16 23:10:32


JellyBelli Sat 12-Nov-16 23:11:38

Thats fair warmed my cockles star

mylittlephoney Sat 12-Nov-16 23:11:42

Excellent. Be proud be very proud.

Thank you smile

I think I've told almost everyone I know!! blush

RTKangaMummy Sat 12-Nov-16 23:12:51

Deffo brill smilesmilesmile

Congratulations to your big brother smilesmilesmile

kittymamma Sat 12-Nov-16 23:13:56

That's great!

April1983 Sun 13-Nov-16 00:03:09

What a lovely thread!! You should be very proud!! I don't even know you or your brother and I'm proud for you!! X

ChipIn Sun 13-Nov-16 00:12:27

That's excellent, absolutely you should be so proud of him! I too have a bro in service who has done things to make me proud and it's a fantastic feeling smile well done to your brother!

happyhearts7 Sun 13-Nov-16 00:15:38

Fantastic, he's a star

Well Done to your big brother, what an honour to be marching at the Cenotaph tomorrow!

I hope you've told him how proud you are of him! I'm sure you have.. wink

Thank you!!

I've told him..... perhaps one too many times! blush

Olddear Sun 13-Nov-16 05:28:52

What an honour! Your family must be proud and rightly so!

Baylisiana Sun 13-Nov-16 05:55:35

That's amazing OP, I am not surprised you are bursting with pride! It means a lot that your brother and people like him will be taking on such an important role tomorrow. Today!

mummytime Sun 13-Nov-16 06:22:07

That's great!
Now you can tell him that a lot of ransoms on the internet are proud of him too. grin

MudCity Sun 13-Nov-16 06:24:41

Fantastic! I truly admire people who show bravery and courage in the most difficult circumstances, often saving someone's life in the process. That takes some doing.

I hope he has a wonderful day today and remains happy and fulfilled in his career.

Note3 Sun 13-Nov-16 06:35:33

Lovely news, well done to your brother. I'm very grateful to people that become police as they do a dangerous and difficult job with little recognition or pay in many instances.

Tomselleckhaskindeyes Sun 13-Nov-16 07:14:41

Is he married! grin

moreslackthanslick Sun 13-Nov-16 07:38:17

Aw how sweet! Lovely stuff OP I'd be very proud too.

PinkSquash Sun 13-Nov-16 07:41:41

What an honour he has, congratulations to Sarge! Too right you should be proud, I would be too. smile

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Sun 13-Nov-16 07:45:48

That's great, well done to your brother.

SerendipityPhenomenon Sun 13-Nov-16 08:05:04

Congratulations to your brother! Make sure you record the ceremony, that's definitely one for the family archives.

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