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To ask if anyone has a copy of "Captain Beaky and his Band" on CD?

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GrainOfSalt Fri 11-Nov-16 19:12:56

Does anyone have a copy of "Captain Beaky and his band" (volume 1) on CD that they would like to SELL to me? (This is not a begging letter) I can't find a copy through any of the usual channels and it would make my DS's Christmas.

(I have the book and sing the songs out of that but I'm never going to make Britain's got Talent)

allthecoffeeplease Fri 11-Nov-16 19:18:12

Sorry no help here but full of love for Captain Beaky (and his band). Spotted it on vinyl in charity shop the other day and nearly bought it, despite having no means of playing it!

TheSnowFairy Fri 11-Nov-16 19:19:25

Oh my God, I used to have this (not on CD though).

Memories! grin

legotits Fri 11-Nov-16 19:20:05

Do you have amazon prime?

GrainOfSalt Fri 11-Nov-16 19:22:39

Not available through Amazon/ Ebay or any of the usual suspects (I don't have Amazon prime - could that make it available somehow??I would join if so!)

SignOnTheWindow Fri 11-Nov-16 19:24:15

I LOVE Captain Beaky! Sadly Jeremy Lloyd died - he used to have a website and sell the CDs through it.

Try this link, though! You can listen to the songs and pay to download them.!!!),+Volume+I

DappledThings Fri 11-Nov-16 19:24:58

Pretty sure I still gave a tape at my parents' and the equipment to make amother tape copy if that is any good. They haven't upgraded their stereo in 25 years so tape-to-tape still a winner!

legotits Fri 11-Nov-16 19:25:48

You can download the children's mix that has the poem and other brilliant songs if you have Prime with the prime music bit.

Not volume 1 in entirety but lots of the funny old favourites (and not on constant in car)

GrainOfSalt Fri 11-Nov-16 19:38:21

Dappled Things - That would be fantastic if you can find it, I'm going to research the options others have suggested in the hope I can get the album somehow but if not I'll PM you later and obviously I will reimburse you - thank you so much flowers

SignOnTheWindow I've clicked on the link but it says 404 not found - this may be my incompetence so I will try searching the site in a bit when DS is in bed grin I bought a copy off the website a few years ago for a friend DD (before DS was around) but they have trashed it sad

Thanks Legotits I'll look into that but I am hoping to find the whole thing if possible

DappledThings Fri 11-Nov-16 19:41:51

Cool! I'm heading there on Wednesday so that will be earliest I could check

TheWernethWife Fri 11-Nov-16 20:04:03

I loved Captain Beaky - lovely memories of singing it with the kids when they were young.

LivingInMidnight Fri 11-Nov-16 20:05:34

Sign's link should be!!!),+Volume+I I think

LivingInMidnight Fri 11-Nov-16 20:07:34

Saying that, most of the tracks aren't available by the looks of it sad

Nanny0gg Fri 11-Nov-16 20:15:13

Went to see the musical in the West End with school.

It was utterly, utterly dreadful. Underlying religious message and we all hated it.

The sets were beautiful though.

gleegeek Fri 11-Nov-16 20:27:16

Following as dd would love it too! Also would love The Hunting of the Snark...

insan1tyscartching Fri 11-Nov-16 20:27:17

copy here

Peanutbutterfingers Fri 11-Nov-16 20:30:28

I have it! Is it possible to email digital files?

YouTheCat Fri 11-Nov-16 20:31:00

this is the best I could manage

Peanutbutterfingers Fri 11-Nov-16 20:31:03

I'm so glad to find people who have even ever heard of it smile

Peanutbutterfingers Fri 11-Nov-16 20:32:02

Sorry, I mean I don't know what happened to my cd but I still have it digitally on my iTunes but no blank CDs

NattyTile Fri 11-Nov-16 20:32:23

Hissing Sid is Innocent!!

LivingInMidnight Fri 11-Nov-16 20:34:21

Peanut you could put them on Dropbox or google drive or something and email the link.

ginpig Fri 11-Nov-16 20:36:28

I have both volume 1 & 2 of captain beaky. My DC's seem to prefer metallica and the KLF, but as its such a childhood memory for me I icouldnt part with it. If you have no luck finding one I could try and make a you a copy?

ginpig Fri 11-Nov-16 20:36:55

Oh and my copies are in CD

Peanutbutterfingers Fri 11-Nov-16 20:43:55

Thanks Living, happy to do that op smile

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