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To let ds stay with me?

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trashcanjunkie Fri 11-Nov-16 12:09:46

He woke up with huge s

trashcanjunkie Fri 11-Nov-16 12:10:08

Posted too soon!

trashcanjunkie Fri 11-Nov-16 12:20:45

He's woken up with massive swollen glands, sore throat and earache. He's supposed to go to his dad tonight until Monday. Step mum will be coming anyway to pick up his twin. He doesn't want to go. There's two little brothers who are five and two, and they're a bit physical (in a totally normal way) but dts can't be arsed today. Also dad and step mum aren't hugely sympathetic if you're ill. Exp is bugged at me for saying dts1 can stay home and I'll fetch him if he perks up. Fwiw they'd normally go on a Wednesday overnight and then Saturday from three til Monday morning. They asked to swap Wednesday to Friday, and have then changed it from, straight after school, to later on from my house. Aibu to think it's not more complicated cos I'm keeping one here and I've said I'll fetch him if he's better?

AliceInUnderpants Fri 11-Nov-16 12:29:39

YANBU. If he's unwell and wants to stay in the comfort of his own home, that should be respected. My DDs often opt to stay home when unwell.

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