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Or am I fucked?

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pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 15:25:28

Single sahm to 2 year old dd. Looking to move house to a nicer area (where dd's nursery is) but no one seems to accept housing benefit. I also have 2 cats which also seem undesirable to every landlord I've come across so far.

Looking for part-time work but even then it still won't be enough and will be topped up by housing benefit. What on earth do I do?

PlayOnWurtz Thu 10-Nov-16 15:30:02

Either get rid of the cats and go for full time work or stay put is what I'd do

ProfessorPickles Thu 10-Nov-16 15:33:49

Where I rent said no housing benefit but I'm a student and get part housing benefit and they didn't care! Could you offer a guarantor? My parents are one for me, they trust that it'll never affect them

pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 15:35:43

Yeah my dad would be guarantor but landlords around here still seem reluctant confused I've never missed a payment on anything and know I never will so it's really frustrating.

I don't think cats are helping sad

SpaceDinosaur Thu 10-Nov-16 15:38:25

So go through the process and don't say you have cats. If it makes a difference and the move is that important to you then get the pets rehomed or take them to a shelter.

ProudBadMum Thu 10-Nov-16 15:40:22

I work part time and found that no one wanted a single parent with part housing benefit

It was all or nothing.

Stay put.

pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 15:45:21

I definitely can't stay put. This area is awful and I don't want to bring dd up here. If it comes to it I think I will have to go full time and rehome the cats.

ThatIsNachoCheese Thu 10-Nov-16 15:49:17

Do you have to tell them you're on housing benefit? I wouldn't.

DistanceCall Thu 10-Nov-16 15:49:48

The cats need to go. And perhaps you can provide evidence that you have never missed a payment in your current lease.

BigDamnHero Thu 10-Nov-16 15:50:57

I don't know much about HB but as for the pets: we ended up paying a bigger deposit to get somewhere that would accept our two dogs and two cats.

Nataleejah Thu 10-Nov-16 15:52:24

Stay where you are and keep your cats. Nicer areas are overrated

Didijustgetwinkpointshitcanned Thu 10-Nov-16 15:53:15

Ignoring any moral reasons, you have to tell landlords about housing benefit because they usually ask for proof you can afford the rent.

pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 15:53:15

I think I'd be in a worse position than I'm in now if I didn't tell them I was on housing benefit

hungryhippo90 Thu 10-Nov-16 15:53:50

Most of the problem with Housing benefit is that Housing benefit payments run a month in arrears, where the landlord wants it ahead of the month.
Then Housing benefit take so long to sort it out.
They might also want the guarantor because Housing benefit claimants are supposed to be notorious for not paying their rent if it's paid directly to them. It's a joy ain't it! I have been there, and could possibly end up in the same position again.

So maybe an extra month or two rent will make all the difference.. I'm not sure that the cats are the biggest issue here... unless yours are known to create damage.

Have you looked on open rent? There isn't a huge choice of properties in this area, but at least you could speak directly with the Landlord.
Good luck!

pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 15:54:29

I don't want dd going to school in he area we're in now. It's just not an option

TrueBlueYorkshire Thu 10-Nov-16 15:55:14

The nicer area will be worth it in terms of your sanity and the quality of life for you and your child. I would sacrifice for that.

Emmageddon Thu 10-Nov-16 16:00:54

Have you got a friend or family member who would look after your cats for you, temporarily?

As for working full-time, have you worked out what your income is likely to be, once you have deducted childcare from it? Sometimes it's better to get a part-time job and top up your income with tax credits.

Can you child's father help out with childcare?

I definitely think you should move, you won't regret it.

facepalming Thu 10-Nov-16 16:03:12

Is there a reason why full time work isn't an option?

80sWaistcoat Thu 10-Nov-16 16:03:37

I rent to someone with cats. They offered to put down a bigger deposit and I was fine with that. Try that maybe?

Can't help on the HB one.

user1467976192 Thu 10-Nov-16 16:04:55

When we moved we had to pay a higher deposit for the cat

Sadik Thu 10-Nov-16 16:05:00

It's so rubbish sad I don't know what it's like where you want to live (probably not a go-er in a city) but is it worth putting notes through doors of likely properties? Has been forever thus though - I remember this song from way back when - it's so true, unless you're the perfect young single professional you're stuffed.

pabstblueribbon Thu 10-Nov-16 16:05:05

I wanted to wait until dd was a bit older before I went to work full time but if I have no other option then I will do it. I have a friend who would look after the cats but I can't hide them from the landlord forever.

facepalming Thu 10-Nov-16 16:09:01

I don't mean to sound heartless at all. I lived in a terrible area before I moved to where I am now so completely understand why you don't want your DD to grow up in such a place.

That said, I also rented for a long long time - across about a dozen properties. A couple of things you can't miss are that landlords don't like pets or hb.

I'm not saying I agree with that but it's how it is.

Sadly I think you can't have your cake and eat it. If you really want the move then I think you need to look at full time work and somewhere loving for the cats to move to.

Hope you can get moved in time for starting school

givemushypeasachance Thu 10-Nov-16 16:10:05

I had a nightmare trying to find somewhere that would let me rent with cats - "no pets" just seems to be a default on listings. I rang up the agencies even where it did say that and actively asked if that was a definite no, because there's quite a difference between two outdoor cats who are rarely in the house to cause any damage and someone with boisterous dogs. Eventually I came across a sympathetic landlord who has cats himself and was fine with it as long as I made good on any damage, replace the door panel where the cat flap goes and so on. Good luck.

Atenco Thu 10-Nov-16 16:10:20

I don't want dd going to school in he area we're in now. It's just not an option

Having brought my dd up in a bad area, I think you are right to move.

Sorry, no advice but good luck

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