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Advice needed !

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chocolatecakemakesmefat Wed 09-Nov-16 22:17:16

To start off this isn't an aibu but need the traffic and we also have an appointment with NHS 24 at 23:15 tonight , dd (16 months) has been crying since yesterday thought she was maybe tired and teething today it's been worse so much worse she does this horrible high pitch scream constantly every time she falls asleep she wakes up an hourish later with the high pitch scream again , has been off her food the last 2 days aswell , no fever but quite pale - im in a bit of a panic I need you guys to rationalise it for me - as I said appointment in an hours time sad

TanteRose Wed 09-Nov-16 22:18:58

Ear infection? Always worse when they lie down

chocolatecakemakesmefat Wed 09-Nov-16 22:20:25

She had an ear infection a fortnight ago and had antibiotics for 5 days sad

TanteRose Wed 09-Nov-16 22:20:40

Don't panic - I'm sure she'll be fine. brew

e1y1 Wed 09-Nov-16 22:20:46

Not sure, but Ear problems would make sense (laid down).

Hope all is ok flowers

Daisiesandgerberas Wed 09-Nov-16 22:41:28

My DD was exactly like this at 19 mths & it turned out to be tonsillitis.

Hope she gets well soon.

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