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To think on the bright side The Last Leg is on for 2 hours tonight?

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LouisvilleLlama Wed 09-Nov-16 16:31:08

Guessing they thought Hillary would win also, now trumps been elected it's all more interesting, debatable, confusing and it's now 2 hours long today

summerainbow Wed 09-Nov-16 16:33:10

Ohhhhhh goody good

glueandstick Wed 09-Nov-16 16:37:36

I have a bit of a thing for Adam Hills. Shhhh.

Huldra Wed 09-Nov-16 16:40:14

They can provide some commentary on a White House full of trumps.

MyGastIsFlabbered Wed 09-Nov-16 16:41:14

Hands off Glue he's mine!

LouisvilleLlama Wed 09-Nov-16 16:41:44

Just a PSA it starts at 9pm instead of 10 so if your recording it then you may need to record Grand Designs which was meant to be on

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 09-Nov-16 16:41:54

Didn't Josh Widdecombe have a bet on Trump to win?

Not sure about Adam's new beardy, short haired look.

Love Alex though: I think he's getting wittier too.

SukeyTakeItOffAgain Wed 09-Nov-16 16:42:20

I have a bit of a thing for all three of them

<not ashamed>

SouthWindsWesterly Wed 09-Nov-16 16:44:04

Josh did indeed get drunk and bet on Trump

Oh for a time machine and the ability to bet on Trump and Brexit...

LouisvilleLlama Wed 09-Nov-16 16:45:18

I think Alex somehow stumbled onto the last leg he was a sports journalist before but agree he's really making a name and becoming funnier and overall inspiring and relatable the longer it's on.
Watching him speak to John Bishop was a good watch also.

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 09-Nov-16 16:50:55

I think I read somewhere Alex was a journalism student at Liverpool John Moores and successfully auditioned for a journalism slot for the Paralympics. He is great isn't he?

IPityThePontipines Wed 09-Nov-16 16:52:53

Thank you OP, I need to watch something like this tonight.

user1475253854 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:59:04

Thanks for letting us know OP. Much needed!

Huldra Wed 09-Nov-16 17:02:19

I really enjoyed episode with Alex on the John Bishop In Conversation series.

ghostyslovesheets Wed 09-Nov-16 17:02:28

It might just make me smile !

Seen it live - they are all fabulous but Adam is the best 🙈🐷 pig was wrong though 🙈

AnyFucker Wed 09-Nov-16 17:03:48

Adam Hills is very fanciable ☺

Bearfrills Wed 09-Nov-16 17:19:35

I'm seeing Adam Hills live on stage next week, the tickets were a wedding anniversary present from DH.

It would be very unbecoming for me to throw myself at another man on my wedding anniversary, wouldn't it?

I say 'throw'. I'm almost seven months pregnant. It would be more of a slow motion waddle.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Wed 09-Nov-16 17:39:57

I used to love this and fancied Adam Hills too blush

Sadly it stopped being funny when he spent half the show ranting about various issues to try to show what a feminist he was.

AdoraBell Wed 09-Nov-16 17:44:22

<sneaks in a grabs Adam while Glue and Ghast are busy fighting over him grin>

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 09-Nov-16 17:45:24

Yeah heaven forbid an attractive man identifies as a feminist. What a bastard, eh? hmm

LouisvilleLlama Wed 09-Nov-16 18:02:45

I think that's an issue many that denounce feminism have, many seem to denounce others for not being the right kind of feminist. I do think he gets a bit preachy but still a great host for the show

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Wed 09-Nov-16 18:06:16

What has him being attractive got to to with anything? confused

I'm not bothered whether he's a feminist or not, but he does have a tendency to go off on one, preaching about 'worthy' things - I don't find that particularly entertaining. I would love to watch it again but it just isn't as good now.

tupperwareAARGGH Wed 09-Nov-16 18:24:33

Oh this is going to be funny. I love the last leg but hardly ever remember to watch it. SO very glad you posted this OP.

Hazynomore Wed 09-Nov-16 18:25:36

Thanks for the heads up - I would have missed the first hour sad

I saw Adam's Clownheart show last week. He's such a nice guy and makes himself available to people for selfies etc.

*Spoiler Alert*

He ends the show in his boxers and will be available for selfies wearing his dressing gown smile smile

glueandstick Wed 09-Nov-16 18:47:32

I bagsied him first!

So need to see his show...

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