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To be enjoying my norovirus weigh loss??

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BasinHaircut Wed 09-Nov-16 16:05:12

I'm on day 3 of being 'ahem' symptomatic. Whilst I'm getting a bit fed up of feeling unwell,and effectively being in quarantine, I just got on the scales and am down about 5lbs!

HairsprayBabe Wed 09-Nov-16 16:12:46

Every cloud!

OhGodWhatTheHellNow Wed 09-Nov-16 16:23:48

Gotta find the upside grin

princessconsuelabannahammock Wed 09-Nov-16 16:25:27

sadly it never lasts and it's a brutal way of dropping a dress size but every cloud and all that!

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Wed 09-Nov-16 16:27:39

No judgement here - you need all the enjoyment you can whilst you're in the throes of noro!

DurhamDurham Wed 09-Nov-16 16:39:13

I once lost half a stone during an illness. It didn't last as my appetite came back with a vengeance and I gained it back even quicker than I lost it.

DurhamDurham Wed 09-Nov-16 16:39:38

PS forgot to say hope you feel better soon !

flowerpower668 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:41:02

Oh no i have heard there has been an outbreak linked with the wahaca restaurant chain- have you eaten there? (In the media)

Noravirus is the worst but luckily symptoms dissapear within a day or 2 normally!

Hope you feel better soon flowers

HelenaJustina Wed 09-Nov-16 16:41:23

I lost 4lbs with a throat infection just before a big family party, I look great in the photos!

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 09-Nov-16 16:47:33

I had flu for 2 weeks once and lost a stone. I looked fabulous afterwards. Bit extreme but hey.

Hope you feel better soon! chocolate

QueenOfTheNaps Wed 09-Nov-16 17:08:33

Any chance I can come round and we can share a cuppa? Literally share the same mug please? grin
I've had Nv once before, certainly not fun but my waistline loved it

MorrisZapp Wed 09-Nov-16 17:11:00

How do you tell the difference between noro and a normal tummy bug?

HairsprayBabe Wed 09-Nov-16 17:14:55

They are the same and you can't tell without testing, noro, tummy bug, gastroenteritis and stomach flu are all interchangeable unless you test. Which is pointless because the symptoms are usually gone in a few days.

BasinHaircut Wed 09-Nov-16 17:42:28

Yeah I'm just guessing noro TBH, it's just easier to give it a name.

This is day 3 and It's still <tmi alert> pouring out of me although I feel mostly fine apart from a headache that I'm guessing is due to dehydration and nausea that means I don't want to eat and some mild cramping before a bathroom visit.

I'm hoping the weight loss inspires me to shake up my recent dietary choices to be honest as I've slipped into 'fuck it it's winter' mode without meaning to.

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Wed 09-Nov-16 18:11:37

If Heineken made tummy bugs, they'd be noro!

I've had it once, along with DS1 and my parents, at the same time. Once was enough to last me a lifetime. The whole house stank of shit and vomit for days after it had passed, even with copious bleaching and scrubbing. HORRIBLE.

BasinHaircut Wed 09-Nov-16 18:49:55

God yes it absolutely stinks!

YelloDraw Wed 09-Nov-16 19:08:18

It is mainly water loss - sorry :-(

You'll be back to normal after a few days. Bur enjoy that flat stomach whilst it lasts!

BasinHaircut Wed 09-Nov-16 19:13:52

Yeah I know. But stop spoiling it for me!!!grin

MissSmiley Wed 09-Nov-16 19:15:28

I lost a stone once when I had proper flu and I didn't gain it back again.
It might stay off...

QueenOfTheNaps Wed 09-Nov-16 19:15:27

I'm not sure it's just water weight as you literally can't keep food down for a few days. Surely you'll lose some due to that? But of course once you're feeling better that sort of weight will tend to creep back on quite quickly.

TMI here but did anyone else experience a really weird style of vomiting with noro? I imagined it was like a large hollow tube... like a hoover pipe made of vom blush sorry

BasinHaircut Wed 09-Nov-16 19:18:37

No queen, mine has been more of the other kind of exit blush

Namechangenurseryconcerns Wed 09-Nov-16 19:22:36

I had it just before a holiday once. I looked amazing in my bikini for once!

QuimReaper Wed 09-Nov-16 19:26:28

I seem to be immune to vomiting bugs. Even at the Poison Wedding which took everyone out, I was over it in a few hours. When DH had Noro I was completely fine in spite of sharing a bed and bathroom. My Dad never gets them either.

I confess to having occasionally, in diet despair, fantasised about a few days without digesting to give the scales a kick blush

I know for a fact I would despise the reality though!

ReadySteadyNo Wed 09-Nov-16 19:28:31

Very unlikely to be noro without vomiting

mollyblack Wed 09-Nov-16 19:36:41

Sorry you've been ill but a nice side effect! I was once a size 8 (the only time in my life) due to a bout of salmonella- it was wonderful (briefly!).

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